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Who will you nominate as 'values-based leaders' for Coro MLK Awards?

"We want to build a community that works for everybody, that has a high quality of life for everybody -- that's the vision of Coro," says Greg Crowley, president and CEO of the Coro Center for Civic Leadership on the South Side.
That's why Coro, which fosters civic engagement in young people, is seeking nominations for its annual Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Awards. Names can be submitted through Dec. 7 for the Distinguished Leadership Award and the Organizational Leadership Award, given to those who practice what Coro labels "values-based leadership in the service of a more inclusive democracy."
"Our whole mission is wrapped up with values leadership," says Crowley. "It's important for people to be aware of what matters to them and what drives them. It's about challenging people to a higher calling to put their talent to work to strengthen the community." MLK, of course, is an exemplar of values leadership, he adds.
Another mission of Coro is to engage people who historically haven't had a strong voice in affecting the future of their own communities. Coro's Teen Bloc, for instance, brings together high-school students to discuss -- and, ideally, affect -- the quality and future of their own education.
Speaking at the Jan. 18, 2013 awards event at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture will be Kare Anderson, an Emmy-winning former journalist and author of Walk Your Talk, Getting What You Want, Resolving Conflict Sooner and Moving From Me to We. "She's a person who has really done a lot of work to help people to become more effective in accomplishing their goals in life and in meeting their higher purpose," says Crowley. She is also an alumna of the Coro Center in San Francisco -- the first time a Coro alum will be speaking at the MLK event.
Past winners of the individual award have included David Shapira, head of Giant Eagle, and former City Councilman Doug Shields, while groups from PNC Financial Services to The Union Project have won previous organizational awards. Another award, chosen by Coro, will be given to an alumnus of the group.
Says Crowley: "We really see this as a networking opportunity for like-minded people who want to learn about themselves and strengthen their ability to be their best."
Writer: Marty Levine
Source: Greg Crowley, Coro Center for Civic Leadership
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