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Highland Park

Highland Park is known for its recreational facilities including the 380-acre namesake green space and the much-loved Pittsburgh Zoo. But those visitors who don't take the time to explore the neighborhood beyond are missing out. Highland Park's unique, although small, business district along the stretch of Bryant Street between Highland and Negley Avenues, features a number of gems, including The Smiling Banana Leaf, E2 and the charming Tazza d'Oro.

For all of its hidden treasures, though, Highland Park is known primarily as a residential area with an obvious appeal to families wanting to be close to kid-friendly amenities. The area's rich and architecturally striking housing stock earned the Highland Park residential district a spot on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007.
Highland Park is served by the 71A, 71B and 87 bus routes. The 71A offers service to Friendship, Shadyside along Centre Avenue, Oakland and Downtown, while the 71B takes riders to Shadyside along S. Highland and Fifth avenues as well as Oakland and Downtown. The 87 passes through Friendship, Bloomfield and the Strip District on its way to Downtown.
 Highland Park