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Draai Laag brewery open in Millvale

The Pittsburgh region’s newest brewery aims to make and sell beer in the tradition of a small, European village.  For Draai Laag Brewing Co. that means offering small batches of high-quality, hand-crafted beers.

Although Draai Laag’s brewing team has been experimenting with recipes for over 14 years, it wasn’t until this past winter that they began distributing to local bars and restaurants.  And after installing a new tap system at the brewery (the first in Millvale since 1845), they’re selling growlers and cases every first and third Friday.

Draai Laag’s beers go through a triple fermentation process, which continues after bottling.  According to co-owner Sean Monaghan, the beers actually get better with age.

“I can drink it when it's still young, and they’re great,” he says.  “But I'll be candid, you lay them down, and they get even better.  They just mellow, and the quality just goes from there.”

Draai Laag is a modest, two-barrel system.  Currently on tap: the Aureus, and the Simon Girty. 

The Aureus (8.0% ABV) which is described as being "aromatic of fruit esters, citrus and underlying banana custard tones," is golden in color, and can be aged up to two years. 

The Simon Girty (8.0% ABV) is off-red in color, has fruit, spice and bubble gum aromas, with citrus and rum tones, and is finished with a hint of cocoa. 

Monaghan says his team wanted to make high-quality beer that would still be considered affordable.  One approach they have taken to achieve this is through self-distribution, which helps to keep re-sale costs lower.

Monaghan says the Millvale Boro Development Corporation has embraced the brewery, and were instrumental in not only bringing them into the community, but have assisted them throughout the opening process.

Draai Laag is available at a dozen regional locations, including Remedy, Brillobox, the Beerhive, and Vivo Kitchen.

The next chance to buy directly from the Draai Laag brewery is April 6th, from 6 to 9 p.m.  501 E. Ohio Street, Millvale.

Writer:  Andrew Moore
Source:  Sean Monaghan
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