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Shaving bucks off your ride: Lyft's pink mustache cars roll into Pittsburgh

Lyft, an app-based ridesharing program popular in several U.S. cities, has come to Pittsburgh, providing competition for other forms of transportation and excitement for residents looking for a ride. 

The next Airbnb? From sculpture gyms to Parking Panda, it's a national movement

The rise of the sharing economy has created a new class of entrepreneurs. Their startups are monetizing everything from tool swaps to unused parking spots in cities, and one of them might just be the next Airbnb.

Tech Talk: Courting international startups

Pittsburgh offers a climate of innovation, partnership and entrepreneurial support that foreign startups cannot find in other cities, says Babs Carryer in this column. A few powerful partnerships, including the Carnegie Mellon-Portugal Program, resulted in some key Portugal startups visiting Pittsburgh last week. Here's her report on what happened and what could lie ahead.

How to attract young talent to Pittsburgh? Internships

Here's a proven way to attract hundreds of young people to our city every year: hire them after they complete their internships. From PNC to Heinz, many corporations and businesses are bringing in young talent from all over the country and--this is key-- making sure they engage in the community during their stays.  

Why We Moved to Pittsburgh: Stefani Pashman and Jeremy Feinstein

Why would a Beltway power couple move to Pittsburgh? Because unlike in D.C., they could be part of a community here and make a difference. While one was returning to town, another was cajoled into coming. Here's how they adapted--quite well we would say--and what they're doing now in "the city that cares back."
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