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Dropping trou for Pittsburgh's Undie Bike Ride

Riding his bike in his underwear was never really on his bucket list, says the author of the blog Boring Pittsburgh which is anything but. But ride he did, along with his adventurous wife and others in various underwear dress.

"I was prepared for catcalls, whistles and jeers as our group of differently sized and shaped bikers rolled down the street. What I wasn’t prepared for was the good natured support and cheering encouragement from people on the sidewalks, drivers in the road and more than few fellow riders we enveloped in our mass of people. Certainly more than a few people wanted to know what the hell we were doing and why. A few yinzers in cut off Steeler’s tees hooted and hollered but the majority of it seemed good natured...."

Read the full blog here.
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