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The Wall Street Journal takes on Pittsburgh's public steps debate

The Wall Street Journal took notice this week of the public stair debate taking place in Pittsburgh.

In 2004, Bob Regan, a retired geophysics professor, counted and reported that Pittsburgh houses 45,454 public steps in his book entitled “The Steps of Pittsburgh”

Residents stand divided on the issue of repairing or removing staircases that have fallen into disrepair. Some argue the steps create a haven for suspicious activities such as drug deals, but others view the steps as part of their everyday lives. 

"The steps fit right into the hills," Brian Oswald, president of the South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association, tells the Wall Street Journal. The South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association has raised money in the past to illuminate a staircase that leads down to the bars and restaurants of the South Side. 

A woman who wished to remain anonymous instead pointed to the dangers of the stairs. 

"People are doing drugs, making out, it's like an orgy out there," she says.
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