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Pittsburgh ranked among least dangerous metropolitan areas for pedestrians

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently reported that Pittsburgh was rated one of the safest metropolitan areas in America for pedestrians.
The study, entitled “Dangerous by Design”, ranked Pittsburgh 50th out of 51 in the category of most dangerous places to walk.
According to the report, 47,025 people died and 676,000 people were injured while walking on streets between 2003 and 2012.
The study utilized Pedestrian Danger Indexes (PDI), which are the rate of pedestrian deaths relative to the number of people who commute to work on foot, to calculate the standings.
Oddly enough, the data indicates that cities ranked among the most dangerous like Orlando, FL and Jacksonville, FL have low rates of walking like 1.1 percent and 1.4 percent. Safer cities such as top ranked Boston and Pittsburgh coming in second have percentages of 5.3 and 3.6 respectively. 
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