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Pittsburgh: A global leader and a taste bud pleaser

Los Angeles Times did a fun travel feature focused on Pittsburgh's food, specifically the grub G-20 summiters should seek out.

"Short of attending a Steelers game (alas, they're away next weekend), there's no better way to see the real 'Burgh than to visit one of these generations-old, family-run German, Polish, red sauce Italian and sandwich spots," writes Andrew Bender.

Among Benders' recommendations: a Primanti Brothers sandwich topped with slaw and fries; a Devonshire sandwich and French fry-topped salad at the Union Grill in Oakland; pirogues and stuffed cabbage at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern; the best burgers in the Burgh at Tessaro's; and schnitzel and spaetzle at Max's Allegheny Tavern on the North Side.

To read the complete Los Angeles Times article, click here.

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