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Dunkin' Donuts: First national chain to go kosher in Pittsburgh

Good news for those who love apple fritters and Bavarian cream as much as they love their religion: Dunkin' Donuts, in Squirrel Hill, is now kosher.

This marks the first national chain to go kosher in all of Pittsburgh.

After being approached by Squirrel Hill residents, the Dunkin' Donuts--which opened at Forbes and Shady Avenues in a few weeks ago in the former Boston Market spot--altered its standard menu to adhere to Jewish dietary laws. The doughnut shop makes three kosher restaurants in Squirrel Hill. The total number of kosher-certified businesses there up to 10. The Squirrel Hill Dunkin' Donuts is one of just 35 kosher Dunkin' Donuts nationwide

"In addition to special kitchen equipment and storage requirements, the Squirrel Hill location dropped its line of flatbread sandwiches and breakfast meats. Instead, the restaurant offers vegetarian sausage and bacon on its breakfast sandwiches," reports the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

We'll pick a local, independent business over a chain on almost any day, but it's still refreshing to see Dunkin' Donuts taking into account the neighborhood's wants and needs.

Click here to read the complete Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article.

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