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Branding Brand cites less effective social media usage on mobile phones

Pittsburgh company, Branding Brand, points out some of the surprising trends in social media on mobile phones.

“Increased traffic doesn’t always mean increased conversion, especially if the quality of visitor declines,” explains Branding Brand co-founder and CIO Joey Rahimi, “Many retailers are flooding social media and jumping on the bandwagon, but are they attracting someone who will actually buy?”“

Although these social sites have provided a great way to drive traffic and sales on desktop, they still haven’t cracked the case on mobile. On mobile, they’re providing far less traffic and contribution of sales,” he adds. “We’re still searching for a social solution to help all channels.”

If the charts here speak to truths other retailers are also seeing, it’s clear that mobile changes the game in more ways than one.

Read the full story here.

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