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Pittsburgh rated a favorite foodie city

Pittsburgh comes in at No. 3 in Livability.com’s top 10 foodie cities for 2015. The reason: consistent rave reviews by local and national food critics, as well as recognition from the James Beard Foundation. 

Of course Primanti’s  is mentioned, but Livability also noted the top-rated local dining establishments posted on Yelp. The food spotlighted? The Liege waffle at Waffallonia, the menu at Gaucho Parrilla Argentina, and the cuisine at Cafe Du Jour French Bistro. And not to be upstaged -- the kebabs and kazandibi at Istanbul Sofra -- all testament to the diverse palates of local foodies. 

Pittsburgh was edged out of first and second place by Coral Gables, Fla., at No. 1 and Omaha at No. 2. 

See the full list of Top Foodie cities here.

Pitt students work for real food on campus menus

University of Pittsburgh students and administration have committed to serving 20 percent “Real Food” by 2020.

“This means that Pitt will work towards product shifting to more food that is ecologically sound, humane, fair traded, and locally sourced," said Joelle Weiss, one of four students who advocated for the Real Food initiative.

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher will attend a campus commitment signing event on March 24 at Nordy's in the William Pitt Union. The event announces Pitt’s willingness to help secure the changes over the next five years and beyond. Real Food Day at Pitt is scheduled for 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on March 30 in the William Pitt Union.

Pitt is the first Pennsylvania school and the biggest urban campus to sign on to the agreement, according to Weiss. 

Read more about the initiative here.


Eater blog profiles chef Kevin Sousa

Local celebrity chef Kevin Sousa, who will be opening his latest restaurant venture Superior Motors in Braddock this spring, was featured recently in the national online foodie magazine Eater.  

“Superior Motors isn't just a restaurant,” writes Eater’s Amy McKeever, “it's a major effort to bring Braddock back to a state of urban vitality.” 

Of course, that is the goal and the ultimate gamble. With all of the sweat poured and money raised by Sousa and supporters, many are hoping for just that. 

Superior Motors opening soon at 1211 Braddock Ave. 

Read the extensive profile on Sousa here.


Men's Journal ranks E2 among best U.S. brunch spots

Weekend brunch at Highland Park eatery E2 recently ranked among Men’s Journal’s Best Brunch Spots in America. 

While the restaurant offers brunch standards such as French toast, polenta, eggs, and sausages in a range of combinations, E2’s “willingness to embrace fried dough” won special accolades from Men's Journal, as the menu opens with an array of doughnuts, zeppoli, and beignets.

Learn what other American restaurants made the list here.

Highbrow Magazine calls Pittsburgh 'a foodie playground'

Pittsburgh's restaurant scene is attracting ambitious young chefs intent on creating the next big food town, according to a recent article in Highbrow Magazine. 

In "How Pittsburgh Became a Dining Destination," Pittsburgh native Beth Kaiserman details the evolution of Pittsburgh cuisine from smothered under French fries to full-blown foodie playground, thanks to an annual Restaurant Week and inventive hot spots in the Cultural District and beyond.

Read the full article here.

Pittsburgh Canning Exchange gets Epicurious seal of approval

Foodies the world over are getting a taste of how sweet life is in the City of Bridges, thanks to a Q & A with a local canning expert on the Epicurious.com blog.

In an interview on the gourmet site, Sara Blumenstein of the Pittsburgh Canning Exchange talks local harvests, the city’s creative community and of course, her recommendations for making the most of the Pittsburgh food scene.

“Pittsburgh is an exciting place to eat these days!” Blumenstein tells Epicurious.com. “In my neighborhood, Bloomfield, I’m particularly excited about Bread and Salt, a new bakery; DJ’s Butcher Block, a fantastic local butcher; and Fukuda, which I think does the best sushi anywhere.”

Read the full interview here.

The Milk Shake Factory gets finalist nod from Martha Stewart American Made

South Side sweet spot The Milk Shake Factory is a 2014 Food Finalist for the Martha Stewart American Made program. The awards in categories including crafts, design, food and style honors the next generation of great American makers.

The family business has become an iconic Pittsburgh landmark, tempting tourists and locals alike with 55 different flavors of milkshakes, plus specialty sundaes and gourmet chocolates.

Owners Christian Edwards, Dana Edwards and Mark Edwards attribute their success to ambitious ancestors who opened a small chocolate shop and soda fountain in Lawrenceville 100 years ago.

“In 1914, our story began with two young Greek immigrants who heard stories of an America that opened its arms to many who hungered for success,” the owners write on their voting page.

Vote for The Milk Shake Factory hehttp://www.marthastewart.com/americanmade/nominee/92001/food/the-milk-shake-factoryre.

NoWait raises $10 Million to advance business

Pittsburgh startup NoWait raised $10 million in venture funding which it plans to use for hiring and the creation of new tools.
The application allows iOS and Android users to track their wait times at restaurants and add their names to wait lists before they have arrived at the restaurant. The app also enables restaurant employees to collect phone numbers and send text messages to alert diners that their tables are ready.
According to the Wall Street Journal, more than 1,000 restaurants in the United States and Canada such as Buffalo Wild Wings and Texas Roadhouse are already using NoWait to organize their waiting lists.
Ware Sykes, Chief Executive of NoWait, says that the company plans to develop technology that allows restaurants to view analytics like how frequently their customers visit them and how much they spend. 

'Thank You, Pittsburgh, For The Greatest Cake America Has Ever Made'

Shadyside’s Prantl’s Bakery got a major shoutout from Huffington Post writer Julie Thomson this week. She proclaimed their burnt almond torte to be the best cake in America. And as she hails from New York City, that’s saying something.

“To say that the burnt almond torte is light and airy doesn't even begin to describe the texture of this cake,” writes Thomson. “It is beyond that. This cake is so airy it tastes like the idea of a cake, one that can only be tasted in the best of dreams.”
Except it’s real and you could have it erryday if you wanted because you live in Pittsburgh.

PNC Park is No.7 on list of best ballparks for craft beer

Foodie website, The Daily Meal ranked American ballparks based on craft beer availability and PNC Park came in number seven.  The North Side stadium was lauded for its beautiful views as well as the availability of loads of local beers from breweries including Church Brew Works, East End Brewery and Tröegs.

Beyond local beer, the park also sells brews from national craft brewers including Bell’s, Dogfish Head, Lagunitas and Brooklyn Brewery.

Into drinking beer and baseball? Buy a beer passport ticket, which gets you a discounted seat, plus a pregame beer sampling and $5 of concession credit.

Andrew Zimmern on AZ Canteen, Pharmashilling, and why Pittsburgh is hot

Andrew Zimmern waxes poetic about Pittsburgh's upswing in the past few decades and why we're "the next big thing" in an article from Eater.com

"The geography lends itself, its incredibly lush farmland, and inexpensive city with incredible history. They're renovating 100 year old railroad terminals into city markets. They had chefs who left the city because there was no scene and went to LA, they have the talent to be anywhere in America, and they have come back and can afford to open their own places and do what they want."

To read the rest of his interview click here.

Chef Justin Severino dishes on his favorite place to eat in Pittsburgh

Each week in their Chefs Off Duty series, papermag talks to favorite chefs around the country to find out their secret late-night spots. This week they catch up with Cure's Justin Severino who chooses Dish in the South Side as his spot. The cocktails are great, he says--he usually gets a negroni--and the owner Michele is a humble guy who can make really great seafood and pasta dishes.

Pop City couldn't agree more.

Read the full interview here.

Pittsburgh part of Rust Belt Revival, from farm to table

Pittsburgh and Cleveland are the focus of this article on the Rust Belt Revival, from farm to table in this New York Times article.

"Now, the region is linked by a group of educated, ambitious chefs who are building a new kind of network. Its scale is tiny compared with the steel and shipbuilding empires of the region’s past. But they are nonetheless convinced that an interdependent web of chefs, butchers, farmers, millers, bakers and brewers will help bring the local landscape back into balance."

Read the article here.

Cookin' up conflict in Conflict Kitchen

Perhaps you've never wondered where you can find Iranian takeout in Pittsburgh. More than likely, you haven't expected to find information about Iran on food wrappers. And in that case you're probably not familiar with Conflict Kitchen, now located in Schenley Plaza. Though it currently features Iranian cuisine, it has served traditional dishes from Cuba, Venezuela, and Afghanistan since its start in its old location in East Liberty.

Starting to see a trend? That's because Conflict Kitchen does exactly what the name implies--they cook and serve food only from countries in conflict with the US in an attempt to educate people about foreign cultures by "trying to be provocative in the best use of that term.” Their next cuisine changeup--North Korean, anyone?

To read more, click here.

Food blogger Leah Lizarondo Shannon writes about the food revolution here

"Clearly, Pittsburgh is no stranger to revolutions," writes Leah Lizarondo Shannon. "And so it is only appropriate that Pittsburgh be the first to take on Jamie Oliver’s challenge to create a city-wide Food Revolution. At the One Young World Summit in Pittsburgh on October 2012, seven thought leaders, from different sectors raised their hands and accepted the charge.
While Huntington, WV and Los Angeles, CA were the first cities to experience such a revolution, Pittsburgh, PA is the first city to essentially, lead itself into it.

The revolutionaries are approaching change from different fronts, covering the city in initiatives that range from top-down to totally grassroots. Here are the magnificent seven:..."

Read the full article here.
35 Food Articles | Page: | Show All
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