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Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania offer great dining options, including Farm to Table

Butler County Times recently ran an article showcasing nearby areas' restaurant and brewery markets, mentioning Pittsburgh's growing farm-to-table movement. "The food scene in Pittsburgh runs the gamut from haute cuisine to hot dogs. Groups can taste and tipple their way through neighborhood restaurants, wineries and breweries to discover the authentic flavors of the city."

"The bountiful countryside around Pittsburgh has inspired a fervent farm-to-table movement among the city’s restaurants. Among the most group-friendly spots focusing on fresh, local ingredients are Habitat for “internationally inspired” cuisine and Casbah Mediterranean Kitchen and Wine Bar."

To read more about Pittsburgh's food scene and the scenes of nearby Erie, Johnstown, and others, click here.

Pittsburgh best place to launch a startup, says Avere CEO

Rob Bianchini Jr., CEO of Avere Systems speaks to the power of Pittsburgh's deep talent pool to help entrepreneurs build themselves from the ground up in a Wall Street Journal editorial. "Because I was born in Brooklyn, I will always have an affinity for New York. But there are many reasons why I chose to build my businesses in the Steel City. Pittsburgh, once a picture of blue-collar America, is now a thriving and forward-thinking city, with some of the most advanced research and entrepreneurial minds in the U.S. That is why I not only started my first company here, but also my second and third. Pittsburgh has many things that make it unique, but there are some key components that make it the best place to launch a startup."

To read more about starting-up in Pittsburgh, click here.

Former mayor Tom Murphy tells the story of Pittsburgh as a model of transformation

Former Mayor Tom Murphy spoke to a group in Hamilton, telling them to envision the city as it could be, not as it is. He told the story of Pittsburgh's stunning transformation as an example of what could happen.

Read more here.

Reimagining education through summer learning programs

With school back in session, now is a wonderful time to reflect on some of the summer initiatives that have kept students engaged in the academic off-season. A recent blog entry on Homeroom, The US Department of Education's blog, features programs from Pittsburgh alongside other inititives in Chicago and the South Bronx. "In Pittsburgh, The Sprout Fund and local community and school leaders shared with us summer programming from the Pittsburgh Kids+Creativity Network, a learning initiative joining more than 100 organizations, including schools, museums, libraries, afterschool programs, community centers, higher education institutions, the private sector, and the philanthropic community."

To read more about Pittsburgh's innovative learning intiatives, click here.

Pittsburgh on list of 25 most pedestrian-oriented and walkable cities

Armed with policies and city designs that encourage citizens to forgo the heavy reliance on the automobile in favor of healthier alternatives such as walking or even biking, walkable cities offer the opportunity to enjoy robust parks, great human scale environments, streetscapes that promote leisurely and enjoyable walks and more.

Check out these 25 most pedestrian oriented and walkable cities that includes, of course, Pittsburgh. Click here.

Haunted house sociologist lands book deal: what creeps us out the most?

The staff sociologist of Pittsburgh's ScareHouse, a seasonal "haunted house" located in Etna, has made a deal with PublicAffairs to publish a book about her experiences working her hardest to discover just what creeps us out the most.

"Kerr, who holds a doctorate degree in sociology, has studied the science of fear for years, and has been sharing her expertise with The ScareHouse since 2008 … The ScareHouse has been named as one of America’s scariest Halloween Attractions by Travel Channel and ranked as one of the country’s best haunted houses by USA Today and Haunted Attraction magazine."

To read more about Margee Kerr and her studies click here.

Top 10 rides featured for Idlewild Park as it wins Golden Ticket Award

In honor of Idlewild Park winning yet another major amusement park award, the LA Times features a fun top 10 rides of Idlewild. See if you agree with the order.

Read more here.

The Art Train rolls into Pittsburgh

Missed the Station to Station Happening in Pittsburgh on Sunday? Only 700 were allowed into the Pennsylvanian so you were in good company. You can catch a glimpse here and read more about it in this slide show.

Read more here.

5 Things to do in Pittsburgh with kids

Kidsburgh has once again been featured in the media at large, this time by FamilyTravelMagazine.com

"My son and I recently attended a press trip in Pittsburgh, focused on families. I always knew that Pittsburgh, like Boston, is a big sports city, but my knowledge of the city beyond that was pretty limited. It’s not necessarily a spot I would have immediately thought of when planning a family vacation. However, after visiting some of these fabulous things to do in Pittsburgh with kids, I’d definitely recommend a family visit to Pittsburgh. We had such a wonderful time."

Their five favorite spots for kids include the Carnegie Science Center and The Children's Museum.

To read about one woman's adventure with her son, click here.

Did progressive parking policies propel Pittsburgh past Detroit?

What if we told you that Pittsburgh's shortage of parking is acutally an indicator of a healthy metropolis?

According to DC.StreetsBlog.org, Detroit's overabundance of parking lots downtown nearly consumes the entire city, covering over 40% of the developed land. Meanwhile, "Policies enacted by Pittsburgh have helped discourage solo car commuting."

To read more about why you should consider the T, click here.

Visiting Pittsburgh for the first time

This blogger usually writes about cooking, but last week the author and her mom visited Pittsburgh and wrote about that instead. "My family is, erm, not exactly 'up' on sports news, so when we asked our cab driver if the Pirates were having a good season, he turned around and looked at us, incredulously, saying, 'They’re number 1!'"

And of course, they stopped to see the corpse flower at Phipps, among other fun attractions.

"So… why Pittsburgh, you ask?  It’s a city my mom and I have both always been curious about, partly because it’s kind of secluded and separated from other metropolitan areas.  It’s also the site of one of my all-time favorite TV shows (Queer As Folk), and, more importantly, is where my paternal grandfather grew up in the 1920s and 30s!  It’s no doubt changed since then, but it was fun to go to the neighborhood where he grew up (Shadyside) and speculate about what he may have done as a kid."

To read and see more about their Pittsburgh adventure, click here.

Why Pittsburgh is a must visit city for walkers and bikers

SustainableCitiesCollective.com created a list of 5 reasons why Pittsburgh is the most walkable and bikable city in the US. "Today, the smokestacks and steel mills that made the great city of Pittsburgh famous are mostly long gone. The 'City of Champions,' as it is called, is now considered one of the most livable in the world, and many of the qualities that make it so also happen to make it a great city for biking and walking."  And while beginner bikers might disagree with reason #1 (our hilly terrain), the list bristles with universal appeal.

To read the 4 remaining reasons Pittsburgh is great for walkers and bikers alike, click here.

10 Cities where the American Dream is still alive

According to BusinessIndsider.com, Pittsburgh was recently listed among the top 10 most upwardly mobile cities in America. "Among the things common to upwardly mobile cities were mixed communities of poor and middle income people, rather than intense concentrations; more two-person households; better schools; and higher civic engagement. Here are the 10 cities out of the largest 50 in America where somebody born in the poorest fifth of the income distribution has the best chance to make it to the top fifth."

Click here to see how Pittsburgh placed compared to giants like Boston and New York.

Travel tips for visiting Pittsburgh, from no clothing tax to Pittsburghese

U.S. News and World Report offers tips in visiting our city, from best hotels to the arts scene.

Read more here.

Adventure Mom chronicles her visit to the Children's Museum, with many fun photos

Want to introduce out-of-towners to one of the gems of Pittsburgh, the Children's Museum? Here's a great way to do it, through this blog with plenty of photos of Adventure Mom's recent romp.

See it here.
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