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The Art Train rolls into Pittsburgh

Missed the Station to Station Happening in Pittsburgh on Sunday? Only 700 were allowed into the Pennsylvanian so you were in good company. You can catch a glimpse here and read more about it in this slide show.

Read more here.

5 Things to do in Pittsburgh with kids

Kidsburgh has once again been featured in the media at large, this time by FamilyTravelMagazine.com

"My son and I recently attended a press trip in Pittsburgh, focused on families. I always knew that Pittsburgh, like Boston, is a big sports city, but my knowledge of the city beyond that was pretty limited. It’s not necessarily a spot I would have immediately thought of when planning a family vacation. However, after visiting some of these fabulous things to do in Pittsburgh with kids, I’d definitely recommend a family visit to Pittsburgh. We had such a wonderful time."

Their five favorite spots for kids include the Carnegie Science Center and The Children's Museum.

To read about one woman's adventure with her son, click here.

Did progressive parking policies propel Pittsburgh past Detroit?

What if we told you that Pittsburgh's shortage of parking is acutally an indicator of a healthy metropolis?

According to DC.StreetsBlog.org, Detroit's overabundance of parking lots downtown nearly consumes the entire city, covering over 40% of the developed land. Meanwhile, "Policies enacted by Pittsburgh have helped discourage solo car commuting."

To read more about why you should consider the T, click here.

Visiting Pittsburgh for the first time

This blogger usually writes about cooking, but last week the author and her mom visited Pittsburgh and wrote about that instead. "My family is, erm, not exactly 'up' on sports news, so when we asked our cab driver if the Pirates were having a good season, he turned around and looked at us, incredulously, saying, 'They’re number 1!'"

And of course, they stopped to see the corpse flower at Phipps, among other fun attractions.

"So… why Pittsburgh, you ask?  It’s a city my mom and I have both always been curious about, partly because it’s kind of secluded and separated from other metropolitan areas.  It’s also the site of one of my all-time favorite TV shows (Queer As Folk), and, more importantly, is where my paternal grandfather grew up in the 1920s and 30s!  It’s no doubt changed since then, but it was fun to go to the neighborhood where he grew up (Shadyside) and speculate about what he may have done as a kid."

To read and see more about their Pittsburgh adventure, click here.

Why Pittsburgh is a must visit city for walkers and bikers

SustainableCitiesCollective.com created a list of 5 reasons why Pittsburgh is the most walkable and bikable city in the US. "Today, the smokestacks and steel mills that made the great city of Pittsburgh famous are mostly long gone. The 'City of Champions,' as it is called, is now considered one of the most livable in the world, and many of the qualities that make it so also happen to make it a great city for biking and walking."  And while beginner bikers might disagree with reason #1 (our hilly terrain), the list bristles with universal appeal.

To read the 4 remaining reasons Pittsburgh is great for walkers and bikers alike, click here.

10 Cities where the American Dream is still alive

According to BusinessIndsider.com, Pittsburgh was recently listed among the top 10 most upwardly mobile cities in America. "Among the things common to upwardly mobile cities were mixed communities of poor and middle income people, rather than intense concentrations; more two-person households; better schools; and higher civic engagement. Here are the 10 cities out of the largest 50 in America where somebody born in the poorest fifth of the income distribution has the best chance to make it to the top fifth."

Click here to see how Pittsburgh placed compared to giants like Boston and New York.

Travel tips for visiting Pittsburgh, from no clothing tax to Pittsburghese

U.S. News and World Report offers tips in visiting our city, from best hotels to the arts scene.

Read more here.

Adventure Mom chronicles her visit to the Children's Museum, with many fun photos

Want to introduce out-of-towners to one of the gems of Pittsburgh, the Children's Museum? Here's a great way to do it, through this blog with plenty of photos of Adventure Mom's recent romp.

See it here.

Pittsburgh v. Portland: may the best city win?

"There is a competition mentality that plagues our conversations about cities year after year, here and abroad, that can be both the source of joy or scourge for mayors and citizens alike. What is the best city to start a business in? Where should I move to for a great nightlife? Which one tops the list for raising a family? The list goes on and on. Find your preferred publication and pick your flavor of competition. But are these really so important? A lot of time and money goes into attempting to top these lists, not to mention gathering the data to create them. And some people seem obsessed by the notion that one city would be more popular than another when clearly, this underdog city deserves more attention (and new residents). So why the popularity contest? Or more specifically, why the recent emphasis on the battle between Pittsburgh and Portland?"

Read more here from Think Urban.

United States of Pittsburgh: exploring Pittsburgh-centric spots outside of town

We have two questions when we hear about people who moved out of Pittsburgh. First, "Who moves out of Pittsburgh?" and second, "What are they up to?"

One intrepid blog is out to discover both. United States of Pittsburgh.com is dedicated to people who left Pittsburgh, even if Pittsburgh never left them.  The site wants input from a Pittsburgh expatriate living in each of the United States—makes sense now, right?—in the form of blogs, photos, stories, or whatever about a Pittsburgh place outside of PA.

To read the author's travel journal while scouting out Pittsburgh Places on The Millenial Trains Project, click here.

Mod Cloth cites Pittsburgh as reason for growth

Mod Cloth may not be headquartered in Pittsburgh, but they are still very much in town. A large number of their employees continue to work at the Pittsburgh offices and Mod Cloth considers them absolutely essential.

"Citing the "Be the Buyer" program, which allows users to vote on garment samples to be produced; the "Make the Cut" program, which allows votes on winning designs; and the social outfit-sharing feature "Style Gallery" as keys to the company's success, Koger said those programs would likely never have come to being without direct customer engagement that is often routed directly through Pittsburgh."

To read more about Mod Cloth's healthy relationship with its mother city, click here.

This traveling mom found much to love in Kidsburgh

Cincinatti Family magazine had a few praises to sing for Kidsburgh on its website this week. "Our astronaut adventure happened at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Nicknamed “Kidsburgh,” Pittsburgh delivers fun for families with attractions like the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, the Duquesne Incline, and Kennywood Park, one of the nation’s first amusement parks."

"During our visit, we took in two of the city’s most famous and kid-friendly museums, and enjoyed sightseeing downtown. Once we returned to earth at the Science Center, we explored more about space, by flipping switches and controls in a simulated space station cabin, seeing mild explosions in a show replicating rocket launches, and touching a real meteorite."

To read more about what Kidsburgh has to offer,  click here.

Grave Sight: sleepless camera eyes now rest on Warhol

"The Andy Warhol Museum has instituted a twenty-four / seven Webcam feed of the artist’s grave, near his home town of Pittsburgh," reports the New Yorker. The idea occurred a year ago to the museum’s director, Eric Shiner, in conversation with the C.E.O. of EarthCam, Brian Cury. Cury cites his encounters with Warhol during the artist’s last year, 1987, as an inspiration for his business, founded in 1996, of maintaining sleepless camera eyes around the world. Shiner consulted Warhol’s surviving relatives and the St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church, which owns the cemetery. No one objected.

"The other day, in soft sunshine, a wind rustled flowers and bobbled Mylar helium balloons around the small gravestone, upon which eight cans of Campbell’s Soup sat. (The Web site allows you to order further offerings; you would be given a time-of-day to observe their delivery.) Twenty-four other stones were visible. Little American flags waved at two, surely veterans’. Legible names included Jaczesko and Mascenik. A large marker just behind Andy’s, that of his mother and father, bore his birth name, Warhola."

To read more of the New Yorker's coverage of the Warhol Grave cam, click here.

30 reasons to move to Pittsburgh

We happen to know that a native Pittsburgher was behind this at movato.com. Check out the 30 reasons to move to Pittsburgh that include some iconic landmarks and some surprises.

To see all the reasons, click here.

Giant Rubber Duck headed to Pittsburgh; see slide show here

Goodbye Hong Kong, hello Pittsburgh. The giant rubber duck is headed our way late September but see it now in the Victoria Harbor in this cool slide show. We can't wait.

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