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Downtown Reflections. Photograph by Brian Cohen.
Downtown Reflections. Photograph by Brian Cohen. | Show Photo


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Mod Cloth founders on doubling down

The founders of Mod Cloth are looking to expand their business by providing a new line of plus-size clothing. "What started as an idea by high school juniors Susan Gregg Koger, 28, and her (now husband) Eric, 29, now brags more than 400 employees in three cities and is hell-bent on the expansion of both an in-house private label and a re-commitment to serving the plus-sized market."

To read more from Forbes.com, click here.

Andrew Zimmern on AZ Canteen, Pharmashilling, and why Pittsburgh is hot

Andrew Zimmern waxes poetic about Pittsburgh's upswing in the past few decades and why we're "the next big thing" in an article from Eater.com

"The geography lends itself, its incredibly lush farmland, and inexpensive city with incredible history. They're renovating 100 year old railroad terminals into city markets. They had chefs who left the city because there was no scene and went to LA, they have the talent to be anywhere in America, and they have come back and can afford to open their own places and do what they want."

To read the rest of his interview click here.

The Caped Crusader, an unstoppable train, and the perfect Hollywood script

Check out this article from BudgetTravelAdventures.com about Pittsburgh's involvement in Hollywood, including Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" in 1968.

Since "Flash Dance" in 1983, "nearly 60 films, TV shows, and TV movies have been shot in Pittsburgh including Silence of the LambsInspector GadgetLorenzo’s OilMothman PropheciesUnstoppableAbductionThe Dark Knight Rises, and Jack Reacher.

As we move into 2014, expect that list to grow as the Pittsburgh film commission and the city have worked on incentives to draw even more movies to this hotbed of Hollywood films.  2013 will see the debut of three new films shot in Pittsburgh – A ResurrectionOut of the Furnace, and Foxcatcher.

To read more about Pittsburgh's filmography, click here.

The Only City with an Entrance wows them again

"The first time you make the drive from Morgantown into downtown Pittsburgh via the Fort Pitt Tunnel and Bridge, you never forget it," reports WVLiving. "All of a sudden, there it is—bridges, spires, and walls of glass rising on all sides and the mighty Monongahela River rushing beneath you. It’s a jaw-dropping view that prompted The New York Times to dub Pittsburgh the only city with an entrance. Forged in the steel, coal, and glass industries, Pittsburgh is home to some of the nation’s most prestigious institutes of learning, athletics, culture, and dining spread over 89 distinct neighborhoods."

To read all of the good things WVliving.com has to say about Pittsburgh, click here.

A Dutch Photographer captures highlights of Pittsburgh

Last month, Pittsburgh was visited by Bas Van Oort, a well-known Dutch writer and photographer. During his time in the city, he shot some amazing photos for "Reizen," the #1 travel magazine in The Netherlands and Belgium.

To see a sampling of his Pittsburgh photos, click here.

Happiest Cities for Job-Seeking College Grads includes Pittsburgh

"The list is based on the results of employee happiness surveys and cost of living adjusted average salaries for each city.
CareerBliss CEO Heidi Golledge told Forbes: 'Our data reveals that bigger cities are not always better for college grads. When it comes to salary and the cost of living for young professionals — some smaller metros outranked larger areas.'"

To see where Pittsburgh stacks up in this list, click here.

Best Cities To Retire In America list ranks Pittsburgh as Top Metro for Boomers

For those looking for an active, healthy, maneuverable and affordable retirement, Pittsburgh fits the bill.

To read more about why retiring in Pittsburgh rocks, click here.

Pittsburgh and Its beautiful one-of-a-kind ballpark

"Of all the new/old ballparks, PNC is the best," writes this blogger.

"I always was a little wary of Camden Yards in Baltimore. Maybe it was because it was the first of the retro parks, and it was celebrated so wildly that it got turned into a cathedral almost overnight. But there is something merrily organic about the park in Pittsburgh, not least because it fits so generally into the old brick neighborhood around it. There’s also something giddily irregular about its bends and angles, and it’s designed so that the outfield bleachers are low, and the view is dominated by the long stretch of the Allegheny and the skyline rising off the other bank."

To read more of this ode to PNC Park, click here.

Houzz features colorful rehabbed Pittsburgh Row House

"The creative couple spent a year working with mossArchitects and Botero Development in the initial stages to customize their run-down, two-bedroom space to seamlessly marry Martin’s modern-edged Moroccan design with Jungwirth’s penchant for reading and collecting," reports Houzz about a renovated row house.  "In the end, color and texture dominate by way of exposed brick and ceiling beams, a vibrant wall mural and casual-cool patterned wallpaper and bedding."

For a virtual tour of this eclectic and inviting house, click here.

Pittsburgh attractions they're going to miss

"Truly, Pittsburgh is an awesome place," writes the author. "Since we'll be leaving in less than one week, we have to shift our view to remember all of our favorite places we've experienced along the way.  If we have been able to convince you to visit this great city in the future, hooray!  Try out this list when you get here for a Living the Dream approved itinerary."

To read the rest of this farewell to Pittsburgh by two locals preparing for a 'round-the-world journey, click here.

Conflict Kitchen serves international cuisine with a side of conflict

"Unlike most restaurants, the food at the Conflict Kitchen is a revolving door of international dishes featuring cuisine from countries with which the United States is in conflict," reports Fox News Latino. The name of the restaurant also changes when the cuisine does.

As Weleski explained to Fox News Latino, when she and her partner started naming the kind of food Pittsburgh lacked, 'We realized that we were naming cuisines from countries with which the U.S. government maintains a conflict.' "

To read more about Pittsburgh's most controversial kiosk, click here.

TCD Traveler: Abandoned America The Carrie Furnaces

"For all intents and purposes, it seems like the last vestiges of a civilization of giants, reports Third Coast Daily about the Carrie Furnaces. "Rather than flaking frescoes or cracked religious reliefs adorning the walls, there are indecipherable graffiti tags from over the years. It is hard to imagine that man ever inhabited such a place, or that the furnaces once roared. The silence is nearly absolute, save for the rustle of the wind in the leaves or an occasional deer bounding through the grass."

To read more about the Carrie Furnaces, click here.

Journal Concierge: Insider's Guide to Pittsburgh, Pa.

"From academic Oakland—where the University of Pittsburgh is based—to Bloomfield, the local Little Italy, each of the city's 90 neighborhoods possesses a distinct feel (though they're unified by expressions like "yinz," the Steel City's answer to "y'all"), reports the Wall St Journal. "This hilly city sits at the crux of three rivers, and its 446 bridges facilitate exploration. Poking around will be even easier when a citywide bike-share program launches next summer. An Ace Hotel is scheduled to open in 2014, too, cementing Pittsburgh's arrival as a city of cool."

To read more of this inside guide to Pittsburgh, with advice from Holly Brubach, Hines Ward, Eric Shiner and Justin Severino, click here.

"Three Rivers" by John Bindley - Official Music Video

To watch a music video on John Bindley's very catchy country tune about Pittsburgh--and set in Pittsburgh--click here.

Heather Arnett speaks out against Abercrombie & Fitch: Goodbye for good

Remember the girlcott against Abercrombie & Fitch? Heather Arnett, CEO of the Women and Girls Foundation of Western PA, and her girls were behind it and here she speaks out again--forcefully and eloquently--in the Huffington Post against the biased and branded company.

Read the full post here.
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