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So that's why they call it Kidsburgh

When this vacation blogger came to Pittsburgh, she wondered why they called it Kidsburgh. After her family visit, which included the Aviary, Primanti's and the Science Center, she knew why.

Read the full story here.

Zero Waste featured in video for their dumpster diving

Watch the pros at work during Zero Waste's first dumpster dive of 2012 in this video from our sister statewide pub, Keystone Edge.

"Dumpster diving, for the uninitiated, is merely the act of digging into a trash heap and picking out items that may be useful to others or can be diverted to a recycling center. Zero Waste Pittsburgh, a project of the Pennsylvania Resources Council, provides waste reduction resources to both residential and commercial trash-makers."

See video here.

What can leaders today learn from the next generation? Monis Kahn, Coro Fellow, responds

Monis Khan, a 2012 Coro Fellow in public affairs with the Coro Center for Civic Leadership in Pittsburgh, answers the the question "What can our current leaders today learn from the next generation?" In it, she makes a compelling case for less stimulus and more of a genuine sense of humanity in decision-making.

Read it in The Washington Post's ongoing series "On Leadership," featuring the voices of young writers and students of leadership.

Pittsburgh #6 in best places to retire

"Pittsburgh tops the small list of rust-belt cities that have cleaned up their acts, and it now ranks as a great place to live. One big change has been a dramatic drop in population - from 680,000 in 1950 to just over 300,000 today - that has transformed a once large industrial city into a smaller financial/high tech/health-care based economy.

Best of all, it is also a remarkably affordable city to live in. The median home sale price was $112,000 in August 2011, which is unusual for a city with top-notch hospitals and more than a dozen universities, art schools, and institutes."

Read about Pittsburgh and the rest of the cities here.

Among cities with the best urban policies, Pittsburgh ranks high

What accounts for Pittsburgh's high ranking on this list of cities with the best urban policies? "Innovation was measured based on the amount of wireless hot spots and universities per 10,000 residents; sustainability was ranked on the miles of bike lanes and paths, as well as percent of hybrid cars; vibrancy was measured based on the amount of park acres and arts-related jobs and business; efficiency rankings were based on the number of workers using public transportation and public transportation trips as a percent of the area’s population; and livability was measured based on unemployment, violent crime rates, and property crime rates."

Read the full story here.

Fireman Creative behind PostSecret's SXSW promotion

We knew the secret behind PostSecret; did you? It's the creative force of the Fireman Creative team based in Pittsburgh. Through social media and video and more, they've helped the secret-divulging PostSecret blog achieve white-hot success and this past week, they were in Austin along with Larry Warren with the live presentation at SXSW in Austin, featuring BlueBrain.

Read about it here. To see Fireman's 30-second teaser video, click here.

Why are the Penguins so hard to beat even without Crosby?

After thrashing the Bruins on Sunday, this sportswriter wants to know why the Penguins are so tough even without their best player on the ice. And what will they do when he returns?

Read the full story here.

MAYA's Zeitgeist phone booth for Pepsi wows them at SXSW

"This is basically what PepsiCo is showing off at its Zeitgeist phone booth here during the South by Southwest festival,"reports underwire. "Marketing gimmicks aside, it’s an inspiring look at the way a new display technology could transform our future interactions in a few short years." Credit Pittsburgh's own MAYA.

Read the full story here.

Why Pittsburgh is a hidden travel gem

With a cultural scene to rival many and an architectural icon nearby--three guesses--perhaps Pittsburgh should be on the list of the 1000 places to see before you die, suggests the author. From great eats to great sights, catch his reasons why.

Read full story here.

Stewart O'Nan: our best working novelist?

"...But here’s a guy who over the past two decades has given us 13 dazzlingly dynamic novels. In an age of literary snobbery, MFA elitism and postmodern irony, all of which have helped marginalize the novel, here’s a guy who writes spectacularly without an ounce of pretension. A guy who writes about the people nobody else is writing about. An editor I know put it this way: “At a time when we are talking about class and income inequality, he’s the novelist who has best captured the shifting state of America, what it is like to live outside of cities, to wrestle with what has happened to the working and middle classes outside of shiny urban places.”I’m sitting across from Stewart O’Nan, and I’m thinking to myself: Is this guy our best working novelist?

Read the full story here.

Is Pittsburgh the new Hollywood?

Is Pittsburgh the Hollywood of the east? With the new film partnerships--the Entertainment Technology Center and Knight Vision Studios--at 31st Studios, not to mention tax incentives and a growing talent pool, the buzz is only growing.

See the news video here.

Pittsburgh makes list of Top 10 American Comeback Cities

Pittsburgh's third Renaissance is underway, says our mayor in this Forbes article on comeback cities. From the recent net gain in migration to the Pittsburgh Promise, a long list of reasons are cited.

Read full story here.

Pittsburgh highlighted as Ron Paul's birthplace in article on Presidential candidates

In an article on travel and birthplaces of presidential candidates, Pittsburgh is mentioned as Ron Paul's place of birth (specifically, Green Tree.) "Pittsburgh is host to some impressive museum collections. The Frick Art & Historical Center features Pittsburgh's Gilded Age, courtesy of Helen Clay Frick, daughter of Henry Clay Frick, one of America's greatest industrialists and art collectors. The museum of Pittsburgh native Andy Warhol has more than 8,000 of the artist's works. Nearby Meadowcroft Rockshelter, a National Historic Landmark, is the oldest site of human habitation on the North American continent. Tours of Rockshelter, featuring the 16,000-year-old rock overhang used by our ancestors for shelter, start again for schools in April and for the general public in May."

Read the full article here.

How a Clevelander fell in love with Pittsburgh

Not only did this Clevelander fall in love with our city but so did her parents when they came to visit. "The San Francisco of the midwest," proclaimed her father. Find out why she fell so hard.

Read the full story here.

Pittsburgh makes list of new hipster cities (ok, we're runner up. We're not that new.)

We admit it. We get a kick out of these hipster cities list and like this one for the choices--Burlington,Baltimore, Richmond--and the cheeky way it's written.

Pittsburgh is mentioned as a runner up (as in, and of course, Pittsburgh).

Read the full story here.
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