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Pittsburgh's Salt of the Earth entree a top 10 dish for 2011, says Food & Wine

You don't have to travel far to taste one of the best culinary dishes in the country this year. Chef extraordinaire Kevin Sousa does it again with his Wild Salmon with Sea Beans and Buckwheat, a delightful mix of fermented seaweed with tamarind to create a delectable, if complex, sauce for the salmon. Food& Wine magazine named the dish a top 10 entree for 2011. 

Go try it for yourself (or devour it in Food & Wine.)

Beneath our city is an active underground of experimental artists, says Nylon

An active underground of experiemental artists, rap stars like Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller as well as Girl Talk are all putting Pittsburgh's music scene on the map, says Nylon. How cool is that?

Read it in Nylon.

Experienced Dreamers contest gets international attention on BBC and CNN

Fred Thiemann of the Buhl Foundation is getting his 15 minutes of fame, appearing first on CNN and then BBC to discuss the Experienced Dreamers contest. The contest is for people 45 and up who want to move to Pittsburgh to pursue their dream. The winner, based on an essay, will be awarded $50,000 for moving expenses and to help realize their dream, with an additional $50,000 more going to a charity of their choice.

Click here to see the video of the CNN broadcast.

Click here to listen to the BBC audio.

Kellee Maize's new album gets 85,000+ downloads

Pittsburgh rapper Kellee Maize's newest album release, Integration, is expected to hit the 100,000 download mark soon. Read more about the hot release here and check out Kellee's cool video.

For the full story, click here.

Just call us Cinderella city, from the ashes of the past emerges an American beauty

Pittsburgh cleans up well. Having undergone a good scrubbing since our sootier early days, our city is a cool place to visit with plenty to see and do, from world-class museums to cable cars and dinos. 

Read it in The Miami Herald.

CMU among 15 universities vying to build a world-class science school in NYC

New York City is looking for a university to establish a world-class science and technology campus in the Big Apple, and Carnegie Mellon University is one of 15 schools in the running. Others include Cornell, Stanford, Columbia, MIT and NYU. Who will get the nod?

Read it in Bloomberg.

Mac Miller lands cover of Billboard with CD debut

"Who the hell is this kid?" asks Billboard magazine of the young Pittsburgh rap sensation Mac Miller. Their answer is "a force to be reckoned with," in a lengthy cover story that coincides with Miller's latest CD, "Blue Slide Park." Please note one correction in this Billboard article: Mac was raised by both parents, including Mark McCormick, a Pittsburgh architect.

Read the full story here.

Market Square named one of top public spaces in U.S.

Market Square, which has become a favorite gathering spot for downtown since its remake, has been named the #7 best public space in the country.

Read the full article here.

CMU robotics spinoff Astrobotic is racing to the moon

Who says the race to the moon is over?

Fueled by the Lunar X $20 million prize, several companies are in the race, with CMU spinout Astrobotic a promising frontrunner. What sets Astrobotic apart from the competition is the support NASA has shown the company in terms of multiple contracts for an excavator as well as information on its low-cost moon strategy.

Read it on FoxNews.com.

Cornell's Solar Job Report ranks Pa. among the top 10 in the country for solar jobs

So what does Pittsburgh and other cities in Pa. have over sun-drenched states like Florida?

More jobs in the solar industry, apparently. A report from Cornell University and BW Research Partnership ranks our state among the top 10 in the country for solar jobs, above sunnier states like Florida. The reason is stable incentives, renewable goals and programs that make it easier for property owners to adopt and finance solar installations.

Read it in The Miami Herald.

Making Pittsburgh new by keeping it old thanks to PHLF

"Historic preservation becomes a modest tool for growth," says Arthur Ziegler in this article about how PHLF led the charge to save and preserve buildings in downtown Pittsburgh. When asked what the lesson of this success is for other cities, he said, "There’s too much focus today on shrinking and greening over our cities," he adds. "If you make it appealing, they will come." And so they are in Pittsburgh.

Read the full story here.

Pittsburgh singer/songwriter Alana makes her debut in a video by Colin Sander

A spellbinding music video by Pittsburgh/Los Angeles filmmaker Colin Sander went live on YouTube this week, featuring up-and-coming Pittsburgh singer/ songwriter Alana Solomon, 14-years-old from Clairton.

The former Mt. Lebanon High School graduate was the director and cinematographer of Alana's debut music video, "With You," a project he worked on with producer Christian Sander ( his brother) and Scott Sander (his father) and the family company, Pense Productions.
The crew filmed the video during the course of one week this fall in South Fayette, with scenes shot in Hiptique, Shadyside, Seton LaSalle High School, Cecil Sturgeon Road and Colliers Township. McGann and Chester Towing make a cameo appearance. On the music side, the strings were recorded in London, the song and vocal tracks in Nashville and Los Angeles; The song was mixed in Pittsburgh by Grammy-winning producer Rae DiLeo. 

Watch it on YouTube.

Pittsburgh is one of the 20 Best Trips 2012 in the world says National Geographic

Get your tickets now to visit one of the best cities in the world...oh yeah, we live here. 

From the romantic hillsides of Croatia to the sacred rivers and colorful lichens of Mongolia, there are 20 great places you must-see in the world next year and Pittsburgh ranks among them, according to National Geographic. The best of the best, Pittsburgh is heralded for its "extreme metropolitan makeover" and ability to attract Batman director Christopher Nolan who used downtown as a stand-in for Gotham City. 

Read it in National Geographic Traveler.

Range Resources' unconventional recruiting tactics brings 400+ jobs in short order (more coming)

In four short years, Range Resources in Pittsburgh has hired 400 people and sees itself hitting 1,000 employees within the next five years. How do they do it? The secret to the recruiting effort includes a calendar of strategic cookouts, community job fairs and festivals and local job training programs.

Read it in the Wall Street Journal.
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