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Making Pittsburgh new by keeping it old thanks to PHLF

"Historic preservation becomes a modest tool for growth," says Arthur Ziegler in this article about how PHLF led the charge to save and preserve buildings in downtown Pittsburgh. When asked what the lesson of this success is for other cities, he said, "There’s too much focus today on shrinking and greening over our cities," he adds. "If you make it appealing, they will come." And so they are in Pittsburgh.

Read the full story here.

Pittsburgh singer/songwriter Alana makes her debut in a video by Colin Sander

A spellbinding music video by Pittsburgh/Los Angeles filmmaker Colin Sander went live on YouTube this week, featuring up-and-coming Pittsburgh singer/ songwriter Alana Solomon, 14-years-old from Clairton.

The former Mt. Lebanon High School graduate was the director and cinematographer of Alana's debut music video, "With You," a project he worked on with producer Christian Sander ( his brother) and Scott Sander (his father) and the family company, Pense Productions.
The crew filmed the video during the course of one week this fall in South Fayette, with scenes shot in Hiptique, Shadyside, Seton LaSalle High School, Cecil Sturgeon Road and Colliers Township. McGann and Chester Towing make a cameo appearance. On the music side, the strings were recorded in London, the song and vocal tracks in Nashville and Los Angeles; The song was mixed in Pittsburgh by Grammy-winning producer Rae DiLeo. 

Watch it on YouTube.

Pittsburgh is one of the 20 Best Trips 2012 in the world says National Geographic

Get your tickets now to visit one of the best cities in the world...oh yeah, we live here. 

From the romantic hillsides of Croatia to the sacred rivers and colorful lichens of Mongolia, there are 20 great places you must-see in the world next year and Pittsburgh ranks among them, according to National Geographic. The best of the best, Pittsburgh is heralded for its "extreme metropolitan makeover" and ability to attract Batman director Christopher Nolan who used downtown as a stand-in for Gotham City. 

Read it in National Geographic Traveler.

Range Resources' unconventional recruiting tactics brings 400+ jobs in short order (more coming)

In four short years, Range Resources in Pittsburgh has hired 400 people and sees itself hitting 1,000 employees within the next five years. How do they do it? The secret to the recruiting effort includes a calendar of strategic cookouts, community job fairs and festivals and local job training programs.

Read it in the Wall Street Journal.

President Obama's visit to Pittsburgh in pictures

The story of President Obama's stop in Pittsburgh this month to meet with his Jobs Council and lobby for the Jobs Bill is told through a New York Times slide show.

Would you move to Pittsburgh for $100,000?

The contest called Experienced Dreamers is offering $100,000 to the person with the best idea for moving back to Pittsburgh. Read more about it in The Atlantic Cities.

Read the full article here.

Pittsburgh Phillips K-5 PTO recognized as a top parent group in the nation

It's more than the local bands that perform and the free carnival tickets. Phillips Elementary School has a highly motivated group of parents that work to keep the students and their families engaged and connected. Their efforts were recently recognized by the Parents Teachers Organization who named them one of the best parent groups in the country.

Read it in PTO Today.

Pittsburgh love notes from a Munich blogger

Munich blogger Christina loves her family, friends, cinema, art and, apparently, Pittsburgh. In a recent blog, she shared some bits on her favorite eats and sights, including a few vintage photographs comparing the similarities between her hometown Ruhrort and Pittsburgh.

Read it in Sloping in the Sky.

What's next for East Liberty--Bakery Square 2.0?

Walnut Capital Management of Shadyside has big plans for the site of the former Reizenstein Middle School in East Liberty. The developer has bid about $5.4 million on the parcel to remove the school and construct single-family homes, townhomes, retail and office space along Penn Avenue, across from Bakery Square.

And there's more. Read about it in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Pittsburgh's efforts to lower infant mortality among blacks

Pittsburgh, along with the rest of the country, is in a "quiet crisis" as it tackles lowering infant mortality rates among blacks. A look at Healthy Start and other efforts in our region.

Read it in the New York Times.

University of Pittsburgh successfully links human thought with a bionic hand

A high-five and touching a loved one's hand never meant so much as when Tim Hemmes, paralyzed by a motorcycle accident, was able to make his robotic hand move just by thinking about it. 

Read it in the Huffington Post.

Alex Ross shares his world of comic superheroes in first ever Warhol exhibit

More than 140 paintings of heroes and villains by comic book artist extraordinaire Alex Ross are on exhibit at the Warhol Museum, marking a cultural moment of tremendous proportions. 

Read it in Bloomberg.

For Pittsburgh, being a Wallflower to the economic party has its perks

President Obama arrives in Pittsburgh this week, for the fifth time in recent memory, and movies like "Perks of Being a Wallflower" film and go. Why is Pittsburgh always in the middle of filming a movie while everyone else in the country is worrying about jobs?

Read it in Neon Tommy, Annenberg Digital News.

Evil Genius voted best Tech 50 video by popular vote. Watch it!

The 2011 Tech 50 rolled out a new award this year's at the Consol Energy Center, Best Company Video. Finalists were invited to create a unique piece describing what their company is all about. The videos were presented on the big screen and Evil Genius Designs took home the prize by popular vote. 

Watch it on YouTube.

It's cheap, lives a long life and is toxin-free. Will the new battery by Acquion power the world?

With $30 million in venture capital and plans to move into full production, Pittsburgh-based Acquion hopes to change the way we use batteries with a product that is a water-based electrolyte mixed with materials such as sodium and manganese. Landfills are already breathing a sigh of relief.

Read it in MIT Technology Review.
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