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Nine places in the world you should visit includes Pittsburgh

Nine places you should visit but probably haven't, according to NBC news: Columbia, Korea, Singapore, Armenia, Zambia, Peru, Oman, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada and...Pittsburgh. Of course.

"Forget the notion that Pittsburgh is a gritty, steel industry town. The city has reinvented itself with a vibrant arts scene, cool outdoor spaces and unique festivals. In fact, National Geographic Traveler magazine rated it among the top must-see places in the world for 2012. Our favorite spots include the Andy Warhol Museum (the artist was born here), Phipps Conservatory and a ride on a historical funicular called the Monongahela Incline. And while the city's most noteworthy contribution to the culinary world has been to slap French fries atop supersized salads, Pittsburgh is becoming a foodie town, with upscale restaurants in the downtown Strip District and a wealth of ethnic eateries sprinkled around town."

Read the list here.
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