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Venture for America is coming to Pittsburgh with its army of entrepreneurs

Job creation is the new sustainability enterprise.

Graduates today are looking for careers that give them the personal satisfaction of giving back, says Andrew Yang.  In the brave new world of business, it’s not all about the money or working for a big finance or banking conglomerate in New York City. 

Yang is the founder of Venture for America, a new initiative, launched last year, that is coming to Pittsburgh in 2013. 

Modeled after Teach America,  VFA offers the best and brightest college grads an opportunity to immerse themselves for two years as fellows, working in the trenches of  local startups, with the goal of becoming better business builders and creating jobs for the region.

The program graduated its first class of 40 fellows this year. They, in turn, are are heading out to cities across the country to continue the training and spread the message of the power of success businesses.

“We’re particularly excited about Pittsburgh because of the robust entrepreneurial community that has taken root there,” says Yang. “We’ve always regarded Pittsburgh as a naturally appealing place given the assets the community has.”

Interested companies and graduates need only to apply online by August 1.  VFA is looking for early stage startup and growth companies that have the clear potential to create additional job growth in the region, Yang says.

“We’re getting positive feedback on all sides,” says Yang of the program. “The graduates are all looking for opportunities to give back and develop companies as business people. The companies are looking for access to talent and mentors.  

“We think it’s a win win win all the way around and it’s the reason everyone is so excited about what we’re doing.”

Writer: Deb Smit
Source: Andrew Yang, VFA
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