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Aurochs Brewing Co., Pittsburgh's first gluten-free, craft beer

Childhood buddies Ryan Bove and Doug Foster of Pine Richland would have loved a good beer occasionally, but neither of them could drink it.
Foster was diagnosed with Celiac disease, the body’s inability to digest foods containing gluten, when he was five. Bove was placed on a gluten-free diet in 2009 for health reasons.
Not to be deterred, the duo decided the world needed a better tasting, handcrafted, gluten-free beer. They became "apartment farmers," malting from plants and brewing in Bove’s Shadyside flat, using ancient grains like oats, millet, quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat.
So Aurochs Brewing Company was born, the name taken from prehistoric bulls that once roamed the earth. Never Domesticated, Always Free is their motto.

The flagship white ale is made with millet, quinoa, beet sugar, orange zest, coriander, chamomile, and european hops, which Bove describes as a refreshing taste with good carbonation and hints of citrus and spices, and mild floral hop notes. The company, an Alpha Lab startup, has space in the Strip District and is waiting for a liquor license to start production.

“For many years, I was the only person anyone knew with the disease,” explains Foster. “In just the last few years, it has exploded. This is something unique, different and fresh. It normalizes beer drinking.”
“Most gluten-free beers are marketed as gluten-free,” adds Bove, who graduated from CMU’s Tepper School last May. “We are a craft beer that happens to be gluten-free. We think consumers will be attracted to our unique taste.”
The two are looking forward to going out and ordering a beer in a bar and not having to worry about not having a great tasting option, they say. Especially one made in Pittsburgh.  
Writer: Deb Smit
Source: Ryan Bove and Doug Foster, Aurochs Brewing Co.

Image of Ryan and Doug courtesy of Aurochs Brewing Co.
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