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Tiversa buys a building downtown and launches a music division. Hiring

When it comes to the business of security, owning the building you work in is critical, says Robert Boback.

The company's CEO is moving Tiversa, a homegrown P2P intelligence services company, downtown and doubling in size from 25 to 50 people this year.

It's just the beginning of exciting developments to come for the former Cranberry firm. Tiversa provides patented technologies to security-driven businesses and government entities--think Goldman Sachs and the FBI--keeping the most sensitive of online information secure. 
The company purchased the 606 Liberty building, near PNC and the Fairmont, for $2.6 million and plans to use 25,000 square feet of the 48,000 square-feet of space to grow the  four separate businesses: government, enterprise, consumer applications and identity theft protection and—a twist—a media relations business that is attracting famous artists in the recording industry.
The new business, called Dreya, will provide artists with information to help them identify their fan-base, pinpointing geographical areas where they are most popular, which will in turn help them market themselves and tour more efficiently. It’s information that has become unattainable in this age of digital downloading, says Boback.
 “This is the most exciting side of the business,” says Boback. “We’re in ongoing discussions with multiple celebrities, very well known people. We can’t reveal anything yet.” 
It won’t be the first time Tiversa has surfaced on the national radar. Just last year Tiversa was conducting investigative searches for U.S. agencies when it uncovered some key evidence on WikiLeaks.  In March of 2009, Tiversa discovered a security breach involving compromised blueprints of President Obama’s helicopter.
Founded in 2003 by Boback, CEO, and partner Sam Hopkins, who recently retired, Tiversa has managed its growth with only one round of funding. The firm has additional consultants in DC and Los Angeles. 
Hires will be in the area of engineers and administrative and finance.
In file sharing world, we don’t encounter competition, says Boback. We have 23 patents issued and 70 still pending, a patent strategy that gives us competition-proof positioning.
Writer: Deb Smit
Source: Robert Boback, Tiversa
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