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Ticketseller ShowClix moving downtown, HIRING 20

If you wanna catch up with ShowClix, better take off running.

The online ticket seller is expanding into its fourth space in just four years, 12,000 square-foot digs downtown on the 13th floor of Centre City Tower on Smithfield Street.

Yes, they will be leaving their cool, 3,500 square-foot space in Shadyside behind, but the cereal wall goes with them, says Lynsie Campbell of ShowClix. The downtown space also features a full-service café and smoothie bar, coffee, espresso, fruit, and big screen TV.

In addition, there's a large screening room equipped with a projector and large screen, theatre seating, movie theatre-quality popcorn and candy bar, says Campbell.

ShowClix is in hiring mode, looking to add 20 people to their current team of 32 in the areas of engineering, creative sales, and marketing. The company has an immediate need for software engineers.

The past year has been an interesting one, Campbell relates. The company moved into Shadyside with nine people, focusing on product development. This past year, we hired two key positions, a new director of sales and a new director of marketing.

"At that point, we put the pedal to the metal. We've finally built out our sales and marketing departments to the point where we could move a lot faster," she says.

The new space has expansion potential, Campbell adds. "We really wanted to select a space where expansion would be possible within three years. This is a really open space, with windows on all sides, concrete and cork floors. Things are moving so fast, it had to be move-in ready."

Writer: Deb Smit
Source: Lynsie Campbell, ShowClix

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