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Sequoia Waste Solutions offers companies "hyper-local" recycling and waste services

Tossing and recycling the trash is often an afterthought for many small-to medium-sized companies. 

While many want to be good stewards of the environment, they don’t always have the time to shop for recycling, says Charles Dolan, a co-founder of Sequoia Waste Solutions, a company taking an innovative approach to waste and recycling services.

Sequoia has developed a unique model for managing the trash stream that is helping commercial customers save both money and the environment. The company was started in 2011 by several friends, all graduates of Central Catholic High School. Dolan, currently a junior at Villanova University, handles the technology side of the business.

Since January of 2012, the company has signed on several hundred clients in a diverse range of industries: restaurants, office buildings, hospitals and manufacturing.

The service model revolves around “hyper-local recycling,” a three-part process that determines the best disposal approach for each business while keeping recycling and waste disposal local.

For example, Sequoia was able to save one manufacturing about 40% off its total waste bill by selling cardboard to a local recycler. No fee is charged for the service; instead, Sequoia takes a share of the money it is able to save clients through recycling.

“We don’t have a magic bullet on how to reuse hazardous materials,” Dolan notes. “The truth of the matter is the majority of waste today is going into the landfill. We want companies to save money by finding existing uses for the products they don’t need and lessening the amount they throw in the landfill.”

Sequoia, with an office at the RIDC Park in O’Hara Township, has 10 full-time employees and is hiring a lead developer and two paid-for-hire interns (see Who’s Hiring).

“Who doesn’t want to save money in a terrible economy?” Dolan adds. “We bring transparency to the process through financial incentives.”

Writer: Deb Smit
Source: Charles Dolan, Sequoia Waste Solutions
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