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The Resumator, moving up, moving in, hiring and assisting President Obama

Pittsburgh startup The Resumator is moving and expanding into new spaces and places and hiring. 
The former Alpha Lab company recently settled into a colorful, 8,000 square-foot office space on Perry Highway (formerly Bill Few) and is hiring and doubling in size from 18 to more than 30 people in the next 18 months, says Don Charlton, founder and CEO. 
The Resumator's software tools for hiring and job search have been tapped by many high-profile startups across the country, including Pinterest, Atari and EverNote. Startup America and The Resumator also have announced a partnership to assist entrepreneurs and President Obama's re-election website is using The Resumator to power hiring.
"Wherever you see a Resumator logo, we are powering that service," says Charlton on the company's growing success and online buzz.  "Our greatest asset is many of the most well-known startups love using our service. If you’re going after startups, that's the best new customer acquisition tool you can have."
The Resumator recently announced that it will provide an estimated $12 million in web-based applicant tracking software tools to Startup America. Startup companies with the program will be offered the use of The Resumator's software services free for six months, which will assist business owners in attracting top talent while helping to refuel the recovering economy, he says. 
Charleton hopes, in turn, many of the companies will choose to become Resumator customers.
"What's really helped our growth over the past year is we've done a really good job of being recruited as the product for high-profile, growing startups," Charlton says. "We provide tools that help these employers to stand out and recruit differently."
The Resumator will be hiring this year to staff it's new office. The space features an open floorplan, a "bonafide living room" with large sectional couch and entertainment center, and bistro, Laresummatè, a two-story café where employees can gather to eat.  
Writer: Deb Smit
Source: Don Charlton, The Resumator
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