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Who is Paolo Pedercini and why has Pittsburgh embraced him?

The Pittsburgh gaming industry is buzzing with the news that Paolo Perdercini is here to stay. 
The internationally recognized and controversial artist and games designer took a full-time tenure-track faculty position with the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University this month. He was formerly a Fine Foundation Visiting Professor since 2009.
Perdercini's commitment to CMU and Pittsburgh is appealing, in part, because of his fresh take on the social mission behind gaming. His work is considered radical and forward-thinking, beyond the cutting edge if that’s even possible, his fans say.
“What makes Paolo special is that his games pose difficult questions not only about the society in which we live, but also the very industry and medium of video games themselves,” says John Carson, head of the CMU School of Art. 
“Paolo's work is fantastic, and I'm thrilled that he's coming to stay!” adds an enthusiastic Jesse Schell, of Schell Games on the South Side.  

Only 31, the Italian game designer has produced controversial games that have circled the globe, gathered a cult-like following and invoked the wrath of Apple, which banned his game Phone Story about the hidden social cost of smartphone manufacturing.
His other works include the a radical gaming project called Molleindustria and games like Oligarchy, McDonald's Videogame, The Free Culture Game and Unmanned, as well as several books. He is a sought-after lecturer and judge for international conferences devoted to games that make a social impact.
Writer: Deb Smit
Source: CMU
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