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Expanding+Hiring: Industry Weapon, GatesmanMarmion+Dave and kWantera

Three Pittsburgh companies have recently announced expansions and hiring: GatesmanMarmion+Dave, Industry Weapon and Mobile Fusion.
GatesmanMarmion+Dave is moving from the old South Side Works post office, its home for the past five years, to a new space in the former MAYA offices in South Side Works. The location gives the company 8,500 square feet, double the size of the currently cramped quarters, in anticipation of growth. Three new hires will join the staff of 35, says John Gatesman, partner and president.

The growth has been organic, primarily from clients referring other clients, Gatesman says. The expansion will give the company room to "ideate and collaborate" while focusing on the growing number of clients.
"We have equal employees in every discipline, whether PR, digital and media," says Shannon Baker, partner and director of public relations and social media. "We wanted a space that would allow for that collaboration without rigid walls that might divide the disciplines." 

The MAYA companies will relocate to Downtown Pittsburgh, the 16th floor of the Gateway Center Complex, giving the firm more than 19,000 square-feet for growth. The family of companies includes MAYA Design, LUMA Institute, Rhiza Labs and a fourth company, Interstacks.
In other expansion news, Industry Weapon is leaving Dormont for a larger space at 900 Parish Street in Green Tree. The move give IW  double the amount of office space, 6700 square-feet. 
“We were bursting at the seams in our Dormont location,” says Industry Weapon COO, Craig Hanna. “Our foremost initiative for 2012 was to better service our business partners and customers, which required larger office space.”
The company is also expanding its investment and support in digital media education and training, testament to the firm's growing global customer base. 
Mobile Fusion recently changed its name to kWantera and has moved from Sarah Street on the South Side to the Cigar Factory on Smallman Street in the Strip District. The 5,000-square-foot space will make room for growth. The company is currently at eight and plans to hire four more in sales, account services and technical development.
The new name is a reflection of the firm's energy focus, kW, as in kilowatt says CEO Mark DeSantis, 
Writer: Deb Smit
Source: John Gatesman, Shannon Baker, Craig Hanna and Mark DeSantis

Image courtesy of GatesmanMarmion+Dave
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