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Deeplocal streams messages across a skyscraper at the World Cup, expanding and hiring

Beyond the soccer itself, one of the most dramatic displays during the FIFA World Cup in South Africa was the LEDs that streamed across Johannesburg's tallest building in 16 different languages, part of Nike's "Write the Future" campaign.

Meanwhile, in Leicester Square, London, and Los Angeles, fans trash talked between continents by inputting taunting messages on an electronic soccer ball as part of the launch of EA's new video game, "2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa."

Deeplocal in East Liberty did it all, developing the software system, Handlr, which managed the messages for the Nike campaign and assisted an ad agency in Oregon on the soccer ball. It's just a sampling of the recent projects that have been keeping the interactive media company busy on a global scale. Watch it in action!

"When you think about it, not many people did ad campaigns for the World Cup," reflects Tim White, vice president of sales. "(Write the Future) created quite a presence for Nike, exceeding their expectations."

From heartfelt messages from cancer survivors printed by Chalkbot--which recently won just about every award in the Advertising industry including recognition at Cannes--to highly-charged jabs from soccer fans, Deeplocal is going where few advertising companies have gone before, way outside of the box. Even Adam Samberg weighed in on the ball with the message, "Spank the Yanks."

"It's not just about being online in the digital world," White says. "We bring it into your daily life, give it more significance."

It's all good news for Deeplocal, which recently expanded its team, hiring a senior engineer and web designer, and adding space on the fourth floor of the Liberty Bank Building. "Pittsburgh is the ideal location to access talent to launch our projects," says White. "We are very committed to Pittsburgh."

Writer: Deb Smit
Source: Tim White, Deeplocal

Image of the electronic soccer ball courtesy of Deeplocal

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