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U-Brew comes to Greenfield with Copper Kettle Brewing Co.

Copper Kettle Brewing Company has opened the region's first brew-on-the-premises brewery in an old Greenfield hardware store.  Let the hand-crafted, single-batch beer brewing begin.
Duquesne University grad Greg Hough and his cousin Jeff Medjimorec, beer lovers both, hit on the idea when they were brainstorming the brew pub business. They heard about U-Brew, a trend that originated in Canada as a way to circumvent the high taxes on alcohol. 
"It's kind of like Build-A-Bear or Color Me Mine, but beer," says Hough, 26, who graduated with a degree in marketing and entrepreneurship. 
Copper Kettle is conveniently located next door to Hough's family's craft beer bar and restaurant, a brew pub (not surprisingly) called Hough's. Patrons can schedule a brewing session and grab a beer and a meal while they're in the neighborhood, he adds.  
It takes two appointments and one to five people to brew around a copper kettle. During the first session, patrons select a recipe, pick ingredients and commence brewing, a process that takes about two hours. A second appointment is made 14 days later, after the beer has had a chance to ferment, and involves packaging, capping and (make-you-own) labeling. The beer (five finished cases) is cold and ready to drink.  
"You brew the beer, we have the fermenting room downstairs and do all the cleaning and sanitizing of the equipment," says Hough. "You get to do the fun stuff, we do the dirty work."
Patrons can bring beers over from the bar; the brewing atmosphere is festive. The price ranges from $125 to $145 depending on the recipe and alcohol content. Twenty-two ounce Bottles are $10 a case, or you can bring your own. 
Copper Kettle is already beginning to generate interest on Facebook and Twitter. "It makes me very HOPPY," posted Alice Cottone. 
Writer: Deb Smit
Source: Greg Hough, Copper Kettle Brewing
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