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The Brazen Kitchen's vegan (and omnivore) guide to good eating

Lentil chile with chocolate. Miso noodle soup with seaweed. Garlicky linguine with maple tempeh.

Sound delish? Then The Brazen Kitchen is for you, a new blog by writer and cook Leah Lizarondo Shannon that's packed with recipes and lifestyle tidbits so bold that the staunchest of omnivores might consider vegan cuisine.

Perhaps it's her Philippine heritage, but Shannon is passionate not only about food but life. A mother of two-- and roboticist by day as the chief marketing officer for Disruptive Robotics-- she believes sustainability and personal health start with fresh, real food.

"I found that a cultural barrier existed about what a vegan diet really is," says Shannon. (You may recall her husband Bill Shannon, the extreme skateboarder featured in Pop City.) "My goal is to show that eating plant-based foods is fun, rich and flavorful. It's not all tofu and rice."

While the couple has roots in the region, they moved from NYC to Pittsburgh to be close to the family farm. Bill's mothers own of one of the last zoned farms in the city, Mildred's Daughters' Urban Farm in Stanton Heights. Living in Pittsburgh gives us the best of all worlds, Shannon says: family togetherness, fresh, local food, community and a job working with cool technologies.

"We wanted to give our kids the space to run around," says Shannon. "This allows us to live as city folk with a great balance."

She is also active with Grow Pittsburgh and The Cancer Project, teaches cooking classes and is managing editor of Biz Chicks.

"I love being a mom, working with technology and food and making a difference in people's lives. This is for people who love pleasure. Greens are the new black. It's a trend that's here to stay."

Writer: Deb Smit
Source: Leah Shannon, The Brazen Kitchen

Photo credit: Neal Rosenblat

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