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Branding Brand sees the future and it looks mobile. Expanding and hiring.

The future is mobile. To survive we need an effective tool that connects us with the consumer revolution. In other words, a mobile phone, says Branding Brand CEO Chris Mason.
Founded in 2008, the South Side company has grown from three CMU friends and grads--Chris Mason, Joey Rahimi and Christina Koshzow--to 62 people today. The expansive growth is credited, in part, to the company's success in mobile app and website development.
It was Dicks Sporting Goods that gave Branding Brands an opportunity to show the world what it could do in the emerging social media and mobile space. Today clients are local, national and international, including Sephora, American Eagle and GNC. 
Nearly 25% of all the commerce coming to a company’s website today is through the mobile phone. Our growth is a reflection of confidence in Branding Brand’s ability to successfully connect with an important segment of the buying population through mobile and social media, says Mason.

Branding Brand recently moved into a new space, 14,000 square feet near the Birmingham Bridge, below Schell Games, in a former pool hall. In addition to a soon-to-be-announced round of funding, the company is in hiring mode and plans to be up to 70 people soon.
There are job openings in several areas including software engineering, account managers, project managers and technical writing, says Mason. 
In addition to retail, Branding Brand is talking with the transit sector about mobile needs for subway systems. A new billboard campaign is also driving growth.
Being in Pittsburgh gives us a competitive edge, Mason says. The local universities offer access to talented computer science graduates. 
Retailers used to think of the consumer in a compartmentalized sense, says Mason. Business was seen as being generated by the store, catalogues and online store. 
Mobile creates ubiquity. It has that Apple effect of just working, Mason says. This translates to billions of dollars going through mobile POS systems. These seamless experiences are part of what’s changing the world. 
“Everyone who is slow to the gate will suffer,” he adds. 
Writer: Debra Smit
Source: Chris Mason, Branding Brand
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