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Pittsburgh-based AltarTV, the alternative music network for bands and artists on the way up

When their days in a band began winding down, longtime friends Alex Mohler and Alex Drizos considered starting a business.  
Their first thought was to open a production company to produce original concert footage from local events. The idea grew into AltarTV, an online repository of the music of bands and artists from around the world who were flying just under the radar.   
Since 2011, the studio in the Rose building in the Strip has produced seven original series, all high definition videos that share the music and stories of the artists through live concert footage, documentaries, intimate artist interviews and exclusive in-Pittsburgh-studio performances.

Altar TV’s specialty is finding those acts that are on the verge of crossing over to the mainstream, explains Mohler, vice president of AltarTV. 
“We are bound by our mutual passion for music, content and a mission to re-connect artists with their fans in new and interesting ways,” Mohler says. “Our mission is to capture that moment when an artist is breaking out. That’s our specialty, finding artists that are at that point.”
AltarTV has a "nimble" team of seven who wear many hats, he adds. Everyone was either a former touring musician or has experience in film production.  
More than 200 segments have been recorded to date. There's “Unplugged and Unrehearsed, ” “Noise from the Underground,” “Studio Diaries” and “Here and Now. ” The network, hosted on Ultra Genie, reaches 60 countries including China, one of our biggest audiences, he says. 
The artists cross several genres and are local and international. There's the up-and-coming band from Las Vegas, Imagine Dragons, who wander The Point before their concert; they performed on Jay Leno last month. Scottish folk rock band The Dunwells. Rapper Snoop Lion (who recently changed his name from Snoop Dogg). 
There’s also a few unexplained segments such as “Lucky the Painproof Man Eating a Lightbulb,” which you may or may not want to force yourself to watch.
“We want to be the destination where people know they can consistently get good quality video and media about artists they care about. We want to rise above all that noise.”
Writer: Deb Smit
Source: Alex Mohler, AltarTV
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