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What's next for AlphaLab? Catch a local winner on "This Week in Startups"

As the name suggests, AlphaLab is about new beginnings, a chance for software startups to put their mettle on the Internet map in Pittsburgh.

The fifth class of companies was announced by Innovation Works this month, an eclectic mix that ranges from resume writing assistance to a text messaging platform that minimizes customer wait time at casual restaurants.

AlphaLab is also attracting national attention. Shoefitr recently appeared on the meetup for "This Week in Startups," a podcast out of Santa Monica, Calif., that features companies from around the world. In fact, Shoefitr won the program's global online pitch contest. The program promises to feature more AL companies in the future. 

"AlphaLab has increased enthusiasm and interest in starting a web and software based startup," says Mike Woycheck, technology analyst for IW. "We've also sought to build a supportive community of entrepreneurs that can collaborate, share ideas and pull for each other to succeed."

The program has generated over 300 applications from 35 states and 7 countries for the first five cycles. Meet the companies:

Devotee provides retail businesses with a mobile loyalty program beyond traditional loyalty cards, turning them into evangelists through social media.

Levlr is a platform that enables rapid development of location-aware and other game mechanics into new and existing web, mobile and desktop applications.

CareerImp offers career guidance technology, software as a service that selects the most relevant aspects of your resume and generates a custom tailored resume for a job in less than 15 seconds!

No Wait is an app that allows casual restaurants to send text messages to minimize wait time.

Offermint's self-serve platform allows businesses to create, publish and monetize group buying online offers, interactive coupons and contests.

Writer: Deb Smit
Source: Terri Glueck, Mike Woycheck, Innovation Works

AlphaLab from left to right: Kevin Holesh from Devotee; Phil Anderson, Shawn Wall from Levlr; Robb Myer, James Belt from NoWait and Ayan Kishore, Paul Sutcliffe from CareerImp

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