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Hive Pittsburgh -- get details and help finalize this tween/teen program at Kids+Creativity Assembly

Spark's Kids+Creativity Network is ready to gather the troops, review its recent accomplishments and introduce new plans for growth -- including an attempt to establish only the third Hive program in the country, after New York and Chicago.
The Assembly will be Nov. 30, from 2 to 4 p.m. at The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, and you can register here.
Spark, a program of The Sprout Fund, brings together and funds learning-program creation at the intersection of technology, media and the arts. Hive, says Spark spokesperson Ryan Coon, is developing into a national collection of regional learning networks supported by the MacArthur and Mozilla foundations. "It's a lot like Spark, in that it creates a supportive structure for different organizations working together" to create new learning opportunities for kids, Coon explains. Hives usually have the city's larger, more prominent kid-focused groups as members, such as libraries and museums, as members, as well as smaller organizations and individual researchers.
If Hive arrives, it will offer everything from new funding opportunities to fresh ways to spread the word about new learning ideas, focusing on middle- and high-school-age students and allowing Spark to go back to focusing on children ages 10 and below. The Hive would also likely attract new funding to the region.
Besides gathering member ideas for the Hive, the Kids+Creativity Network Assembly will feature other working sessions on future activities, including one that covers Connected Learning -- the idea that the three areas of children's lives (their social lives, their personal interests and their academics) connect and shouldn't be separated. In fact, says Coon, "Connected Learning is a way of creating an environment where kids are learning anywhere, anytime," and it is also one focus of the Hive.
Other talks at the event include speakers from the Museum's MAKEShop and from the Science Learning Activation Lab at the University of Pittsburgh’s Learning Research and Development Center.
The Assembly, concludes Coon, will create "recognition among the members of the Kids+Creativity Network of all we've accomplished over the past year and will reenergize the network as we begin to launch new activities in 2013."
Writer: Marty Levine
Source: Ryan Coon, Spark
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