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Youth Invasion at the Warhol kicks off Hive Days of Summer

Hoping to create a buzz about the new Hive Learning Network, the Sprout Fund is kicking off the Hive Days of Summer at the Warhol Youth Invasion on May 3.
The Hive Learning Network in Pittsburgh, launched recently, provides funding, connections and support for groups with ideas for creating new learning and creativity opportunities for teens. Hive Days of Summer represents a summer-long campaign of partnerships with local groups that already have such programs, while the Hive has already accepted its first round of proposals for new programs to roll out later this summer and fall.
At the Warhol Youth Invasion at the Warhol Museum, more than 350 teens will be presenting a night of art, performance, music, dance, fashion and hands-on learning and creativity. The activities include: silkscreen printing and collage in the Warhol Studio; performances by Hip Hop on L.O.C.K.; the Internet Petting Zoo created by Assemble and teen committee members; a fashion show featuring designs by youth participants; LED jewelry and textile design by Invent-abling; and a dance party featuring youth DJs.
Through August 3, the Hive Days of Summer will then coordinate more than 20 activities, such as camps and workshops, with the aim of making summer learning more mobile, digital, collaborative, creative and connected, says Ryan Coon, Sprout program officer. It is "a way to blanket our city with these events so that people get familiar with the Hive," he says, and "a way to look at summer learning programs in a different way."
Other partners for Hive Days of Summer include the Labs@CLP (Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh) where teens will be offered workshops and other activities centered on Web and media making, Hip Hop on L.O.C.K. for their summer music and leadership workshops, Pittsburgh International Children's Festival and others.
"We'll be holding the door open a bit for opportunities if people want to join the campaign," he adds. The Days of Summer will end this August with a Hive pop-up event organized by the Sprout Fund to bring together all the partner organizations and youth who have been involved so far.
"It's just the beginning," Coon says, with Sprout accepting funding requests in June and August. "This is a running start to kicking off the programming all year long."
Writer: Marty Levine
Source: Ryan Coon, The Sprout Fund
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