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Marcellus Shale

The Marcellus Shale industry in western PA is growing, not slowing, despite the dip in natural gas prices. Is it a boon for the region or a bust for the environment or can it be done right to protect our natural resources? As the industry and community attempt to figure it out, others are looking at us as a model, from job creation to water usage.



How do you feel about Shale drilling now?

Nearly three years ago in its early stage, we asked various people what they thought about the environmental impact of Shale drilling. Now that drillling is well underway, so to speak, we revisit the question to see how views have changed, if at all. Do they feel better? Worse? And what do they think the future holds?


The Marcellus Shale Documentary Project: the photographer's perspective

The Marcellus Shale Documentary Project began two years ago with a desire to document the social and environmental effects of Shale drilling in this region. The results--a travelling photo exhibit currently at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, a book and a digital archive--have gained international attention. In a story that could only have happened in Pittsburgh, our photographer gives us the inside scoop on this bold and eye-opening project.


Engage! Pop City: Join the online conversation or start one of your own

If you had anything to say about our city, what would it be? Check out Pop City's new civic engagement platform where you join the ongoing conversations about making Pittsburgh a more welcoming community, or the one on diversity or you can start a conversation of your own. Click here to see Engage! Pop City.

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Managing Marcellus: WQED broadcast of the event and more

View the WQED broadcast "Managing Marcellus" based on the Pop City event by the same name on July 27th at their studios. The show includes highlights of a groundbreaking performance by the Deliberative Democracy group at Carnegie Mellon and the discussion, with panel, that took place after the performance. View the broadcast here.


Direct Energy's Faces of Energy: Josh Hickman

We're checking in with the founder of the Young Professionals in Energy local chapter to find out why they're already one of the biggest in the country, what's shaking on the jobs front and why he thinks Pittsburgh is the energy capital of America.
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Marcellus Shale Development News

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