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Top Pop City Feature Stories of 2010

Let's start at #10. What do young people think about Pittsburgh? Not only did we find out in this feature, but we heard from quite a few young and opinionated Pittsburghers once it was published. They want more reasons to hang out downtown, for one.

10. New Girl in Town: What do Young People Think about Pittsburgh?

Why do people move here? The reasons are varied and the stories are often captivating. This one about the young owners of the very popular Round Corner Cantina struck a chord.

9. Why I Moved to Pittsburgh: Lawrenceville

When the city and URA embarked on a recruiting campaign to get local college students to move here, Pop City chimed in with this piece which had many students tweeting the pros and cons of our city.

8. Open Letter to Graduating Students: Stay Here in Pittsburgh

How gay-friendly is Pittsburgh? More than we thought after researching this piece which received kudos from our readers.
7.New Girl in Town: Gay Life in Pittsburgh

Beyond the usual places, we did some digging to find cool and unique places in Pittsburgh. We received hundreds of suggestions for this piece through Facebook and Twitter and found out we have a lot of very romantic readers.

6. The Best Off-beat Places to Get Married in Pittsburgh

Who knew? A simple fun summer story goes wacko viral and results in a big spike in business in the places we named. Best Tacos in Pittsburgh , which was right up there, fared similarly.

5. The Best Burgers and Dogs in Pittsburgh

And this one did even better although we wonder if John Farley's offbeat humor resulted in a lot of forwarding. He got raves for this one which caused quite a buzz.

4. The Best Bar Food in the East End

We had some controversy over this piece and even added a clarifying line once it was published. Who knew there were so many James Beard nominees in town? (We wish.) And so many James Beard categories? Elaine Labalme got it right all along as this one soared to the top.

3. Top Chefs in Pittsburgh

Okay, this one had readers in two cities, accounting for its many hits. It seems everyone wants to read about Detroit these days (If that's true for you, check out our sister pub, Model D.)

2. What Detroit Has that Pittsburgh Wants

It seems everyone likes to read about mistakes, too, especially when they lead to better things. John Denny's stories always get high readership and this one more than any.

2. Five Failures that Led to Success

And the number one story of the year? It's so Pop City. Although we have a confession: it was originally titled the Hipster Guide to Pittsburgh and we changed that after an onslaught of emails took us to task for the term hipster. Interestingly, there were quite a few different meanings of the term. Whatever. We didn't want to start an argument. What we really meant was the hip guide. Really.

1. The Hip Guide to Pittsburgh

And the runners-up...

We should note that some of these stories have had a longer life on the Internet than others, resulting in bigger numbers. The following stories will soon join them:  What Minneapolis Has that Pittsburgh Wants, Why I Moved to Pittsburgh: The Story of Songwhale, What Baltimore Has that Pittsburgh Wants and What's the Impact of the Marcellus Shale on Our Environment?

Other stories that keep popping up on our list weren't written in 2010 but have staying power such as the Visitors' Guide to the Strip District. and other visitor guides to various neigborhoods.

Got ideas for stories we haven't yet covered? Feel free to email with comments and suggestions.

Pictures from the following stories: Kevin Sousa (Top Chefs); Gay in Pittsburgh, Best Bar Food in the East End, Five Failures that Led to Success, Hip Guide to Pittsburgh

Photographs copyright Brian Cohen
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