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Social innovation eXchange on civic design and placemaking

THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT. Sorry! But look for plenty of coverage, including a video, in Pop City to follow.

Social innovation: Unleashing new ideas to create solutions for unmet needs for the public good. (In other words, a chance to rock our world).

On January 31st at 3:00, The Pittsburgh Foundation, in concert with Pop City, and along with partners Point Park University, LUMA Institute and Sprout Fund and the Buhl Foundation will host our first Social Innovation Exchange (SiX). The topic: civic design and creative placemaking.
The kickoff SiX event will include an ideation session with the help of LUMA Institute and a wrap up of presentations in a working happy hour. On hand to help will be Riverlife's Lisa Schroeder, Don Carter from the Remaking Cities Institute, Paul Hennigan from Point Park, Grant Oliphant from the Pittsburgh Foundation and Steve Glassman from the Community Design Center of Pittsburgh.

In this collaborative think tank setting, we hope to connect, inspire and engage to advance change around placemaking. What places distinguish our city and contribute to its vitality? What places attract people and how can we create more of them? What can we do to improve in the way of public art, green spaces, getting around and street life? We'll be gathering ideas about all this and more and then presenting the best of them in a working--and networking--Happy Hour.

This is not just another event (although there's nothing wrong with that) but one where your idea could become reality. A grant from the Sprout Found could be awarded for the best idea(s).

When: Tuesday, January 31st, 3:00
Where: Point Park University, Lawrence Hall (corner of Blvd of the Allies and Wood St.)

Thanks to all the SiX partners and to Mullen for graphic design.

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