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Pop City Live! Show Your Love

What:   Pop City Live!
   The First, the Best and the Only
When:  September 10, 2007 at 6:30 pm
Where: @ the New Hazlett Theater
Cost:    Free!
rsvp@:  rsvp@popcitymedia.com

Pop City presents the first Pop City Live! event on September 10th at the New Hazlett Theater at 6:30 p.m.  Moderator Grant Oliphant will guide a panel of experts on cities and the talent that drives them in a lively discussion, with audience participation, on how Pittsburgh can build on our unique assets to become a hot city.

On the Panel:

Carol Coletta, CEO of CEOs for Cities and host and producer of the nationally syndicated public radio show, Smart City. As a passionate advocate for cities, Ms. Coletta has devoted her life to answering the question: What makes cities succeed? Through her weekly conversations with urban leaders and thinkers on Smart City, her research, and her leadership at CEOs for Cities, she continues her ongoing quest for the answers.

Lenore Blum is a Distinguished Career Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon where she is co-director of the NSF-ALADDIN Center and faculty advisor to the student organization, Women@SCS. Her most recent creation and passion is Project Olympus, a high tech innovation center with the goal of building a climate/culture/community to enable talent and ideas to grow in the Pittsburgh region. See: www.olympus.cs.cmu.edu/

Dr.  Eric Beckman, on leave from his academic post at the University of Pittsburgh, is founder of Cohera Medical Inc. Cohera is working to commercialize a biocompatible, resorbable adhesive that can be used internally during surgery. In 2003, Dr. Beckman created the Mascaro Sustainability Initiative at Pitt which serves as a focal point for research into sustainable design occurring throughout the school of engineering.

Mike Edwards, As the President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, Edwards manages a 90-block BID, and has been active in the Downtown development efforts, overseeing the development of enhanced cleaning services, a new Safety Ambassador program, and the launch of Wi Fi Downtown Pittsburgh. Currently, he is implementing a new 5-year Strategic Action Plan and completing the second 5-year renewal of the Downtown Pittsburgh Business Improvement District.

Grant Oliphant is vice president of programs and planning at The Heinz Endowments. He manages the Endowments' 12-member program staff and a $60 million annual grant-making portfolio encompassing five areas: Arts & Culture; Children, Youth & Families; Education; Environment; and Innovation Economy. He also works with and guides special task forces promoting civic design, school reform, and stronger links between environmental stewardship and economic development.

Pop City and Pop City Live!

Pop City Live! is brought to you by Pop City, a free weekly e-magazine and web site that focuses on the people and places moving Pittsburgh forward. Each week Pop City offers a fresh issue with development news, innovation and job growth news and feature stories.  www.popcitymedia.com  Publisher: Eve Picker; Editor: Tracy Certo.

Pop City Live! is a free monthly series of engagingly educational events where we will showcase the creative and intellectual talent of the city, speak to its transformation and provide a networking forum for those interested in all things Pittsburgh.

More than a lecture series, Pop City Live! will encompass everything from serious panel discussions to entertaining and interactive experiences. Every event will provide an opportunity to network, with refreshments to entice people to stay.

Pop City Live! is for those who want to shake things up, move mountains, and meet others so inclined.

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Why This Topic? Why Now?

Recently, Pop City conducted a survey where we asked, in what ways is Pittsburgh the first, the best and the only?

Readers pronounced their city as special in five ways:
• Loyal and proud – “Pittsburgh built America with steel and is leading America in the high tech age.”
• Great value and quality of life – “Pittsburgh has a low cost of living which means artists can buy homes and still have money left over.”
• Accessible and friendly - “Pittsburghers wave you to turn left in front of them in traffic.”
• Leading edge – “Pittsburgh has the first ever Ph.D in robotics.”
• Unique – “Pittsburgh is the first city to put French fries on a sandwich.”

Readers had much more to say, of course, and their comments provide an inside look at our city’s strengths. One respondent summed up an aspect of Pittsburgh that some faster growing cities find hard to duplicate: “The city is at once old world and modern. We allow the future to grow on top of the past.”

Look for more Pop City Live! events coming soon.

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