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Pop Filter Hot Pick: The National Aviary's 'Night in the Tropics'

'A Night in the Tropics' is this Sat., July 12 at 7PM. Tickets available here.

Within Pittsburgh's rich tapestry of arts, culture and science destinations, it can be easy to take for granted the fact that The National Aviary is an indelible resource of educators, conservationalists and researchers dedicated to keeping this institution thriving into the future. The spectacular "Night at The Tropics" fundraiser remains an important piece of the Aviary's ongoing stewardship.

The event not only acts to support the National Aviary's mission, but also to highlight how unique and vital the Pittsburgh-based organization is, on a national level, to enviromental and wildlife preservation. As the nation's only independent non-profit zoo dedicated exclusively to birds, the Aviary has served the Pittsburgh region for over 60 years, providing visitors with the chance to explore, learn, and interact with a wide collection of bird species rarely found in zoos anywhere in the world.

"Admissions cannot cover all the costs needed to run the Aviary, " says Director of Marketing and Communications Robin Weber. "We depend on generous donations from our guests to help fill the gaps and support the ongoing needs of our birds." 

In addition to featuring music from Jimbo and the Soupbones and food samplings from a dozen or so local eateries including Las Velas, Monterary Bay and Lola Bistro, "Night in the Tropics" will also allow attendees to come face to beak with some birds who are rarely exhibited during the normal museum hours. The bird show will include displays of a hooded Vulture in flight, a Southern Ground Hornbill, a Kookaburra and Max, a talking and signing Yellow-Naped Amazon parrot.

The profits from the event will allow The Aviary to be able to care for, vaccinate and feed over 500 birds, provide educational and outreach programs to more than 20,000 kids, participate in national and international breeding programs that help re-populate endangered species, and give over 50 veterinary hospital interns hands-on training to become the next generation of avian care professionals.

"We want our guests to walk away from this event inspired to make a difference," says Weber. "'Night in the Tropics' allows another avenue for our guests to connect with our birds in a unique and personal way."

For more information about "A Night in the Tropics," visit the event's ticket website here.

(720 Arch Street, North Side, The National Aviary)
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