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Photo slide show: Love Front Porch

"I like to work out on my porch, when I can, out in the open and a part of the sounds, the stories, the community," writes artist Vanessa German on her website, Love Front Porch. "When I’m making art on my porch, kids in the neighborhood, and people standing at the corner waiting on the bus ply me with questions. “Whatcha doin’?” quickly became “Can we do it, too?” So we, my partner and I, invited them to make art with us, on the front porch. The porch filled up. Every day, more and more kids come, craving art. And this is how I know art makes a difference, because these same kids who used to play “gang” in the alleyways behind our houses, pulling hair, ripping clothes, and tumbling into the street with their “fake” fights, they now show up at our door, expectant, hopeful—“Ms. Vanessa, are we doing art today? I want to paint the night sky with stars.”
This is Love Front Porch. See it here in photos. And contribute to her Indiegogo fund here. Only $2000 to go!

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