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A letter from the editor of Pop City

There’s something to be said for a fresh start; a new year, a new month, a new season. In these moments it’s a bit easier to  take stock of life, of what's good and what needs to be changed. I found myself contemplating similar themes at the beginning of 2013 when faced with a decision to stay in Washington, DC or move to Pittsburgh.

Leaving my job at Washingtonian magazine to move to a smaller city where I knew literally no one was certainly scary, but even more so, exciting. Pittsburgh offered many of the amenities I was used to, with seemingly more opportunity. Here, not only did the people I encounter want to know my story, but also, they wanted to see me succeed. I set forth building a freelance career that would lead to my work being published in Pittsburgh magazine, Rustbelt Almanac and NYTimes.com.

Over the past year or so, I've found living in the ‘Burgh to be delightfully easy. Sure, I have to drive most places, but most places also have decent parking. I can drink a Manhattan at Kelly’s for under $10 and my desire to try new restaurants is sated by the constantly evolving food scene. Currently, I live within walking distance of at least three museums and two professional sports venues. Before that in Squirrel Hill, I could mosey up Murray Avenue to catch a flick at The Manor or a Bikram yoga class at Bikram Yoga Squirrel Hill.

It took me all of about two months to become captivated by the romance of Pittsburgh’s topography and the sense of pride its citizens take in living here. Exploring the neighborhoods reminds me of the nearly 10 years I spent living in Chicago and makes me feel completely at home.

I’m so excited to be taking the helm at Pop City, when it too is in a time of transition and in many ways, getting a fresh start. Last week we said goodbye to Deb Smit, longtime Innovation editor and this week we will bid adieu to Jennifer Baron, who has served Pop Filter and the publication so well for the past seven years. While we are sad to see them go, I am looking forward to bringing in new talent and fresh perspectives on the creativity of Pittsburgh’s citizens.

We’re nearly two weeks away from the first day of Spring, a season that signifies not only rebirth, but also growth and transformation. As the new editor of the Pop City and as a relatively new Pittsburgher, I’m planning to harness that energy for the publication. I look forward to continuing Pop City’s tradition of telling positive stories about the Steel City renaissance, as well as catalyzing evolution in the work we do and how we engage you, our readers.

Thanks for a great first year Pittsburgh, and here’s to many wonderful years to come.

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