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Up to $20,000 funding for two design ideas from the SiX event. Ready to help?

A group of more than 20 people met at Point Park University February 9th to continue a conversation about civic design solutions on gateways & corridors that began at January’s Social Innovation Exchange (SiX).  
To explore this topic more, The Sprout Fund, a partner in SiX, convened the Gateways & Corridors Working Group to workshop opportunities to enhance regional gateways and neighborhood corridors through actionable, grassroots projects that could be catalyzed for $10,000.

With backgrounds in urban design, architecture, community development, and transportation, the Gateways & Corridors Working Group developed the core elements, key partnerships, proposed goals, and desired outcomes of six opportunities for action around Gateways & Corridors:
  1. Creating a comprehensive Inventory of Gateways & Corridors to understand the scope and scale of the issue and prioritize a response.
  2. Publishing Design Guidelines for Gateways & Corridors to equip communities and organizations to take action independently.
  3. Developing a Crowd-Funding Mechanism to enable communities to raise funds for local Gateways & Corridors improvement projects.
  4. Holding a Design Competition for High Profile Gateways & Corridors for proposals to improve the visual landscape of major points of access.
  5. Hosting Events and Festivals at Gateways & Corridors to encourage public participation and engagement.
  6. Running an Awareness Campaign for Gateways & Corridors to educate the public about these important civic design challenges.
Next Steps? Tell Us What You Think
Sprout has compiled the work of the Gateways & Corridors Working Group into six Opportunity Statements that describe the essential ingredients each opportunity needs in order to be successful.
You are encouraged to review the Opportunity Statements at www.sproutfund.org/SiX and give voice to the conversation. Comments and scores will help Sprout determine which opportunity to issue as a Request for Proposals, offering up to $10,000 to catalyze a new grassroots project to enhance gateways and corridors.
But wait, there's more. Another idea from SiX: Sprout Requests Proposals for Pittsburgh Steps Project!

The Sprout Fund offers catalytic support for a project that will highlight one of Pittsburgh’s most unique neighborhood assets and celebrate the city’s historic built environment.
Pittsburgh is home to miles upon miles of city steps that connect commuters to workplaces, hilltops to riverfronts, and neighbors to main street commercial districts. However, many of these critical linkages are in various states of disrepair and neglect, or are otherwise hidden and unknown to many.
Proposals requesting support of up to $10,000 are sought from interdisciplinary teams for activities such as: mapping and documenting the step system; restoration / preservation / maintenance; lighting the steps; informational or historical signage/photography; public art; health and wellness activities; events or challenges to get involved with the steps; fundraising / “adopt a step;” and, concerts and festivals.
Download the complete RFP package from The Sprout Fund website at www.sproutfund.org/apply.
Proposals are due no later than 5pm on Friday, March 9, 2012.
SiX is an initiative of The Pittsburgh Foundation in partnership with Pop City, the Luma Institute, and The Sprout Fund with additional support from The Buhl Foundation.
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