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Downtown Reflections. Photograph by Brian Cohen.
Downtown Reflections. Photograph by Brian Cohen. | Show Photo

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Greening vacant lots in Wilkinsburg

Community Engagement Gardens are taking over urban lots in Wilkinsburg, an example of people working together to reclaim their community in small, green ways. It can be done anywhere in our city.

TEDx Pittsburgh talk: 10 Seconds

In this original and fascinating talk about countdowns--starting with a 10-second gun-to-the-head ultimatum--Grant Oliphant suggests that we're missing the power of countdowns and that we need to get much smarter about how to use them. Read the script or watch the video. Just don't miss this.

Deliberative Theater performance: Managing Marcellus

If you missed the Managing Marcellus event hosted by Pop City and our partners on July 27th, don't miss this taping of the performance that kicked it off. The Deliberative Theater group uncannily captures our stereotypical views of the players in the Shale, from industry spokespeople to environmentalists. And then breaks them down one by one.

Faces of Energy: Andrew Butcher and GTECH

A spin-off of a research project at CMU, GTECH is attracting national attention and helping transform Pittsburgh by transforming vacant land. From growing sunflowers for biofuel to large-scale projects to reclaim vacant land, find out more and about this unique company and its passionate co-CEO.

Pop City survey results on Marcellus Shale issues

The results are in from our Pop City survey last week where we asked readers about the need for a tax or impact fee on the Marcellus Shale and where the money should be allocated. While 87% support either a tax or fee, the comments--which overwhelmingly expressed the need to protect our environment and do it right--were the most interesting part of the survey. Read a selection here and then offer your own.

Why I Moved to Pittsburgh: Dr. Nadine Aubrey of CMU

Parisian native Dr. Nadine Aubry, a leading researcher into fluid dynamics and related nano applications that could save countless lives, could be anywhere in the world yet she chose to head the Mechanical Engineering department at CMU. Hear what the school does better than others and why she wishes she'd moved her family here sooner.

Making the Most of Winter in Pittsburgh

While it's tempting to hole up in a deep freeze, Pittsburghers are a hardier breed. We suggest making the most of the winter season with a list that includes everything from fireside kobe burgers to the hottest tickets in town (except for the Super Bowl that is). 

Parks and Green Space: Feeling the Love

Parks can solve just about every social problem out there, say experts. Recent research shows what we've long suspected: parks and green space contribute to a healthier and more productive life, from rejuvenating spirits to lowering stress. That's why they make such a great investment for cities and why Pittsburgh should bank on green.

The Results of the Environmental Survey

The results are in. The environmental survey many Pop City readers took months ago just prior to World Environment Day and then again after the event, is now published. So what have we learned about our environmental habits and our overall knowledge? Quite a bit, and much of it encouraging. But not all. Find out where we scored high and low and what we wish for in our region.

Photo Slide Show: The New Market Square!

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the newly redesigned Market Square, now a piazza with widened sidewalks for outdoor dining and a pedestrian-only center with tables and chairs. The new public space is home to weekly events such as Farmer Markets every Thursday and just this past weekend, a wedding.

Under Deconstruction: Transformazium

Meet a group of young female artists who are taking an abandoned, rundown building in Braddock and creating an exciting new space for art and community called the Transformazium.  And they're doing it the smart, sustainable way by using a method called deconstruction, a sustainable alternative to demolition that's gaining ground in Pittsburgh. Not only is this movement attracting talented young people from other places, but it also promotes economic, social, and environmental development.

Photo Slide Show: Scenes from WED Water Events

World Environment Day brought many great events to our city, from a major conference on the many issues of water, to a world record-breaking kayaking and canoe event that was pounded by--what else?--water. A little rain didn't stop anyone from getting out last week and we did, in record numbers. Pop City stole a few shots along the way.

What's the Impact of the Marcellus Shale on our Environment?

While the economic potential for Marcellus Shale drilling is mindblowing, there are strong environmental concerns about the impact to our water and land. What are the risks and consequences of frack drilling and are some companies doing it better than others?  Pop City takes a closer look at the pros and cons of drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale and asks, can we get this right?

Car-Free and Loving Life in Pittsburgh

For many reasons, including cost, convenience, and exercise, more people are now ditching cars in favor of walking, biking or busing around town. It's healthier for them, and the planet. Find out how so many are getting around car-free and enjoying the journey.

Photo Slide Show: The New Fairmont Hotel

It's new, it's a show-stopper and it's something Pittsburgh has long needed. The luxurious and enviro-friendly Fairmont Hotel opened to accolades last week and in this photo slide show, our Pop City photographer shows you why.
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