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Downtown Reflections. Photograph by Brian Cohen.
Downtown Reflections. Photograph by Brian Cohen. | Show Photo

Squirrel Hill : Featured Stories

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Ditching the car. Going for the bike.

Following a national trend, an increasing number of young Pittsburghers are relying less on cars and more on other means of transit, especially bikes. Some are giving up their cars altogether, with no regrets. The stats will surprise you and the stories are hard to resist.

Rebuilding Pittsburgh's Entrepreneurial Economy: Part 4

How hard is it for startup companies to grow and stay in Pittsburgh? While there are advantages, from university research to low overhead to good quality of life, the lack of venture capital and a weak transportation system are challenges. In part four of a seven-part series, we look at companies that have left and some that have stayed and why.

Why you should say hello to strangers in Pittsburgh

Based on a recent experiment in D.C., we set out to see how many people on our streets would respond to a simple greeting. In D.C. it was a paltry 12%. We knew Pittsburgh would do better, but by how much? Find out how we did and why it matters. Then try it for yourself.

For the record: Three music-selling stores in Pittsburgh that defy the odds

Are stores that sell music a thing of the past? What would be lost if these cultural spaces were no more, if a kid’s entrance into the community of music was merely a message board? To find out more, this writer stopped by three independent Pittsburgh music stores, still at it despite predictions of their demise.

Rebuilding an entrepreneurial economy: Pittsburgh's next comeback

In the first of a series of articles, read how Pittsburgh is rebuilding its reputation for innovation and entrepreneurial excellence. Despite barriers, investors and entrepreneurs agree Pittsburgh has made tremendous strides in business creation. Technology flows more freely from universities. Economic development agencies actively assist startups. And the city’s image has improved significantly in recent years.

Linda Lane: Keep the main thing the main thing

Linda Lane has a daunting task: shepherding the city’s school district through some of its biggest challenges in history while remaining a hands-on educator.

Top Teachers: 5 Pittsburgh teachers making a big difference

In the first of a series profiling top teachers in the Pittsburgh region, Kidsburgh looks at inspiring educators who are making a big difference in the lives of our children.

Two guys. 12 pizzas. One day.

Who else could sample 20 pies in a day and write to tell? Brad and Patrick are back with lively reviews of a dozen pizza places in Pittsburgh, including the mustache meter rating and a bunch of local celebs they met along the way.

Pittsburgh Pizza Tour 2012: The Video

A companion to the feature article above, here's the not-to-be-missed video of the Pizza 2012 Tour complete with hilarious comments--not to mention cheesy music--from our two fearless reviewers.

Checklist: what's needed in Pittsburgh neighborhood business districts

The Strip District could use a pharmacy. Mt. Lebanon is in need of a Thai restaurant. Lawrenceville lacks two kinds of essential businesses. Read on to learn what our most walkable neighborhoods are missing when it comes to rounding out a robust business district. Where there's a need, there's opportunity. Any takers?

The updated guide to Squirrel Hill

It's one of the more international neighborhoods, with a diverse population of young and old, natives and foreign-born. And it boasts a big, thriving and walkable business district with an impressive range of shops and restaurants with a modern and beautiful library and a first-rate community center. Who doesn't love Squirrel Hill?

Great neighborhood bars in Pittsburgh

You know the kind of place. You walk in and feel at home even if it's your first visit. Pittsburgh has more than its share of welcoming neighborhood bars, from the Park House to Legume. Andrew Moore, our development news editor, profiles some of the best, just in time for your holiday visit with friends.

The Talent Dividend: How more college grads can add to Pittsburgh's bottom line

What's the best thing a city can do to achieve more economic success? Increase its number of college graduates. The most prosperous cities have the highest number of college grads. Read how the Talent Dividend calculates just how much college degrees add to a city's bottom line--think billions--and why Pittsburgh is one of 57 cities competing for the million dollar prize to boost college attainment.

No Child Leafed Behind: A guide to fun fall things to do

From Soergel's to cemeteries, here are some great places to go with your kids in this fall season.

From the burbs to the city

Whether it's for downsizing, an easier commute, or a more active street life, some people like Renny and Linda Clark are returning to the city after raising their kids in the suburbs. While it marks a new phase of life for some, is it a growing trend here and across the nation?
216 Articles | Page: | Show All
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