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Your all-local guide to great holiday shopping

Want to make a difference this holiday season? Give a gift to Pittsburgh and support your local, independent shops. You'll help boost our neighborhoods and contribute to the overall vitality of our city. And it's fun when you have this great guide to cool stores in town.


The Talent Dividend: How more college grads can add to Pittsburgh's bottom line

What's the best thing a city can do to achieve more economic success? Increase its number of college graduates. The most prosperous cities have the highest number of college grads. Read how the Talent Dividend calculates just how much college degrees add to a city's bottom line--think billions--and why Pittsburgh is one of 57 cities competing for the million dollar prize to boost college attainment.


No Child Leafed Behind: A guide to fun fall things to do

From Soergel's to cemeteries, here are some great places to go with your kids in this fall season.


Pop Filter Hot Pick: Three Rivers Film Festival

Marking its 30th year, the Three Rivers Film Festival is back with 16 days of visiting filmmakers, top documentaries and international films, live music, and a not-to-be-missed opening bash. With more than 50 films lighting up three city theaters, we've got your hot ticket.


Pop Filter Hot Pick: Fabergé at the Frick

Long before Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Tiffany, there was the House of Fabergé, one of the world's first brands of luxury goods. Now an expansive new exhibition at The Frick provides a rare look at the producers, the patrons and the stories behind these opulent objects of the highest order.


Let's eat. Let's tweet. Chefs do double duty.

From tweeting about rogue dinners--10 chefs, 20 courses, anyone?--to beets on rock salt, local chefs are acitve in this form of social media with good reason. There's a whole foodie community hungry for the kind of news they deliver in 140 characters or less.


Pittsburgh's street art, a yarn of epic proportion

Pittsburgh's street art scene is vibrant, from Andy Warhol flowers as window dressing to yarn bombs on parking meters and bike racks and tin can art on street poles. Just as we were about to ask what's next, a sweater for the Mr. Rogers statue?, a red sweater appeared.


Hear Me: Kids' voices ringing out

Giving kids a voice is what the Hear Me project is all about and now those youth voices can be heard all over Pittsburgh. From tin cans that you tip to hear stories to storyboxes, it's letting kids have a powerful say. And in some cases, it's already changing things for the better.


Faces of Energy: Andrew Butcher and GTECH

A spin-off of a research project at CMU, GTECH is attracting national attention and helping transform Pittsburgh by transforming vacant land. From growing sunflowers for biofuel to large-scale projects to reclaim vacant land, find out more and about this unique company and its passionate co-CEO.


In Tune with The Living Room Chamber Music Project

Who says you have to go to a concert hall to listen to great classical music? The twenty and thirty-something musicians who make up the Living Room Chamber Music Project hope to dispel the highbrow stigma of classical music. They perform in homes, creating a personal and powerful performance, complete with stories, all for a free-will donation.


The Best Burgers and Hot Dogs in Pittsburgh

Where to go for the best hamburgers and hot dogs in town? You might be surprised. From Franktuary, of course, to the best Kobe burger in town at Nine on Nine (trust us on this one), we'll show you where to go to satisfy the cravings that only intensify in the summer. Grill, baby, grill.

12 Steps to Making Pittsburgh a National Energy Leader

The crisis is for real but the solutions are right at hand. Pittsburgh has turned the corner as a region that is better withstanding the down economy than many others. What's next for us? How about becoming a national leader in energy solutions? Turns out we have everything it takes. Here's the 12 Steps to making it happen.

New Girl in Town: On Nemacolin and Falling Rock

Did you know there's a new five-star resort near  Pittsburgh? And that no one at Pop City has been there? We've been to Nemacolin, of course, but not the modern and lux Falling Rock with the 24/7 butler service and 10-pillow menu. So off we went with--who else--but New Girl in Town?

Stamping Out Cigarette Butt Litter

If we could remove one thing from Pittsburgh, it might be the cigarette butt litter strewn over our landscape. While unsightly, research now shows that those cigarette butts are also toxic to our environment, polluting our streams and rivers. Here's what some Pittsburgh groups are doing to stamp out the problem.

New Girl in Town: What Pittsburgh Needs

Sure, we have much to appreciate but we can always do better. What does Pittsburgh need? Let's start with four amenities that could enhance our city--how about a living wall since we're already so green?--and raise the quality of life. Then we will continue the discussion after getting your suggestions.
75 Articles | Page: | Show All
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