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Five great neighborhoods for Pittsburgh twenty-somethings

Pittsburgh is getting younger according to recent census data. We've rounded up some of the neighborhoods millenials are calling home.

What's next for The Pittsburgh Promise?

With a new infusion of funding and more evidence that it's working, The Pittsburgh Promise launches a new phase with the same outstanding promise to each city student who qualifies: $40,000 in college scholarships.

Q&A: Kacey Wherley, TEDxGrandviewAve

Pittsburgh now offers several local TEDx events, from TEDxCMU to TEDxPittsburgh. After a successful debut downtown, we caught up with the person who got TEDxGrandviewAve together and got the inside scoop. What does it take to pull one off and what's next for this one?

How to get connected to Pittsburgh

Want to meet more people and get better connected in your city? Here's an informal guide to get you started, from finding events you'll enjoy to networking to help your career and helpful tips along the way.

What makes a teacher great? Ask the students.

These Pittsburgh kids provide some valuable lessons for teachers, from showing you really care to making learning more fun. Yo, Mrs. Jacquay, Mrs. Barsico and Ms. Saunders, we're talking to you!

Fast-forward Pittsburgh: A time-lapsed video project

See what results when an Art Institute student set aside time each weekend to photograph Pittsburgh in an unexpected--and rapidly changing--way in this fun video project.

Ditching the car. Going for the bike.

Following a national trend, an increasing number of young Pittsburghers are relying less on cars and more on other means of transit, especially bikes. Some are giving up their cars altogether, with no regrets. The stats will surprise you and the stories are hard to resist.

Linda Lane: Keep the main thing the main thing

Linda Lane has a daunting task: shepherding the city’s school district through some of its biggest challenges in history while remaining a hands-on educator.

A European perspective of Pittsburgh

As a New Yorker architecture critic once said, if Pittsburgh were in the heart of Europe, people would travel hundreds of miles out of their way to see it. This German blogger would agree as she chimes in with her own highly favorable impressions of Pittsburgh, from her favorite bridge to her favorite view. If you don't better appreciate your city after this, we suggest a trip to Europe (via that direct Paris flight).

New life for old buildings: Adaptive reuse in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is filled with outstanding examples of adaptive reuse, the re-purposing of older properties for a different use. It's cheaper than new development, with easier financing, and usually results in superior projects. From theaters to schools to hospitals, here's a rundown on what's been done and what's left to be re-imagined.

The Talent Dividend: How more college grads can add to Pittsburgh's bottom line

What's the best thing a city can do to achieve more economic success? Increase its number of college graduates. The most prosperous cities have the highest number of college grads. Read how the Talent Dividend calculates just how much college degrees add to a city's bottom line--think billions--and why Pittsburgh is one of 57 cities competing for the million dollar prize to boost college attainment.

Pittsburgh's street art, a yarn of epic proportion

Pittsburgh's street art scene is vibrant, from Andy Warhol flowers as window dressing to yarn bombs on parking meters and bike racks and tin can art on street poles. Just as we were about to ask what's next, a sweater for the Mr. Rogers statue?, a red sweater appeared.

Hear Me: Kids' voices ringing out

Giving kids a voice is what the Hear Me project is all about and now those youth voices can be heard all over Pittsburgh. From tin cans that you tip to hear stories to storyboxes, it's letting kids have a powerful say. And in some cases, it's already changing things for the better.

A zentimental journey: life coaching the Buddhist way

Yes, you have a job, lucky person. But are you waking up each morning feeling like something's missing like, maybe, your soul? Or a bigger purpose than a paycheck? Meet two Pittsburgh professionals who uncovered their true talents and found occupational bliss with the help of a Zen-inspired life/work coach and Buddhist chaplain.

Why We Need Pittsburgh's Main Streets

It's the hub of a community, shaping and defining it, attracting visitors or...not. Main streets, once the focal point of every community, were neglected for decades with the growth of suburbs. But now they're the star of walkable neighborhoods and Pittsburgh boasts plenty, from Mt. Washington to Bloomfield. Why are they so important? And why should you frequent them instead of the mall? We'll tell ya!
16 Articles | Page: | Show All
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