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Wigle Whiskey grand opening this Friday, first distillery in Pittsburgh since prohibition

Wigle Whiskey celebrates a grand opening this Friday, offering the public a chance to taste the first Pittsburgh-distilled spirit since prohibition.

Eric Meyer, co-owner of Wigle Whiskey, says the celebration will include a three-in-one tour: a walk through the production space and the entire whiskey process, from grain to bottle; a history of the Whiskey Rebellion, as told through the distillery’s namesake Philip Wigle; and a tasting room primer on how to drink whiskey.  

A whiskey cocktail will kick-off the tour, followed by a tasting of white, un-aged rye and wheat whiskeys.

Since Wigle is new, don’t expect any aged, dark whiskey just yet.  For now, the available whiskey will be un-aged rye (think tequila), and un-aged wheat (buttery and smooth, similar to a wheat beer), both of which Meyer describes as clear, interesting spirits, good for mixing.

“I think people will be pleasantly surprised by how they taste,” he says.

But for those who can’t wait for the traditional aging process, Wigle will soon offer do-it-yourself kits: a bottle of white whiskey and a small, oak barrel.  Meyer says these smaller barrels significantly reduce the aging time, and a dark spirit can be ready in 2-3 months.

Although this Friday’s event is sold out, tours of the grain-to-bottle facility will continue every Saturday and Sunday through December.  Groups are limited to eight participants; register here.

Still pending a label approval from the federal government, Wigle Whiskey will soon be available for purchase online through the state liquor stores, with shipping to your home or nearest state store.

In the meantime, the best way to sample Wigle Whiskey will be the weekend tours ($20), which begin at 2 P.M. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Writer:  Andrew Moore
Source:  Eric Meyer
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