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How would you light The Point? Riverlights at Three Rivers Arts Festival

When the fountain at Point State Park reopens this summer it will have been four years since it was last open to the public.  And to mark the occasion on Friday, June 7th, Riverlife has asked local artists to design a lighting installation that will celebrate the park’s complete renovation.

The event, titled Riverlights at The Point, will coincide with the opening night of the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival, and will feature live music. 

A Request for Proposals for the lighting installation is available at Riverlife’s website.  Proposals should be submitted to the e-mail address provided on the RFP.  Proposals are due February, 15th, 2013.

Stephan Bontrager, of Riverlife, says that while his organization doesn’t want to box in creativity, the project does have a few specific goals.  In addition to emphasizing the fountain, the installation should “achieve a magical effect throughout the park,” creating spectacular displays for viewers from Mount Washington to the North Shore.

“And of course, if you’re in Point State Park that night you’ll be surrounded by light and water,” he says.

Additionally, Bontrager says proposals should balance elements of art and technology, representing Pittsburgh’s evolving identity.

 “When you take all of these different elements together, like an emphasis on technology, and outdoor recreation, and the artistic elements throughout the Three River Arts Festival,” Bontrager says, “all of those facets really represent the new Pittsburgh.”

The Riverlights event is sponsored by the Colcom Foundation, and is a partnership between the Three River Arts Festival, Riverlife, and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

And although June 7th will be the official opening of the renovated fountain, Bontrager notes that Point State Park’s other sections, such as riverfront promenades, lawns, and woodland areas have already opened to the public.

Writer:  Andrew Moore
Source:  Stephan Bontrager
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