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New bus routes: 28X now direct

Starting April 4, Port Authority bus routes in Pittsburgh are changing so check here for your route before boarding your bus.

It's the first implementation of extensive system-wide improvements at Port Authority since its conception, says Steven Bland, CEO of Port Authority. While the new routes, which will be rolled out gradually,the number of weekday bus trips increase by six percent while the overall number drops from 186 to 122.

While there are fewer routes, there are better choices that are more convenient and efficient, emphasizes Bland. "We had to take a hard look at our system and offer honest assessments of what worked and what didn't work, " he said in a a statement. The organization solicited comments from thousands of riders as well as local groups and elected officials.

In addition to the changes, a new color code system will help users better navigate the system. For example, the East Busway will be branded with the color purple and those routes will have a "P" in front of their route numbers.


More improvements are planned, including the introduction of new "Rapid Bus" line that will have fewer stops along some of the most traveled routes.

Some of the changes in routes include the 28x to the Pittsburgh airport which will now run from Shadyside and downtown direct, skipping the Robinson Twp. stop. The new 75 bus will go from Ellsworth Avenue to Bakery Square then onto Shadyside, Oakland and Southside Works. While some routes have added locations, such as Bakery Square, others have eliminated some. Check one, check all at www.portauthority.org.

Source: Heather Pharo, Port Authority

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