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Enchanted Garden plant shop and garden art boutique opening in South Side

With each planting season, independently owned garden centers are making it easier to prepare gardens for spring without ever leaving the city.  And now, in addition to established growers like the Urban Gardener and Wilkinsburg's Garden Dreams, the Enchanted Garden, which opens Friday on the South Side, is the latest plant purveyor to assist in the greening of Pittsburgh.

Located within a five-room storefront one block from East Carson Street, the Enchanted Garden features annual and perennial flowers, vegetables, fruits, and herbs, as well as succulents and bonsai trees.  The store will be selling high-quality garden tools that are ergonomically designed, or feature lifetime warranties.

Co-owner Jackie Day says her shop is focused on organic growing practices, and offers a wide range of all-natural products for the garden and the body.

In addition to garden supplies, the shop is selling locally-made honey and bee pollen, used to treat seasonal allergies, as well as artisan soaps and body creams, all-natural bug sprays, and beeswax candles.

And the center is also a garden-art boutique, featuring the work of local artists in pottery, wind chimes, stain glass, jewelry, and more.  

Day says Enchanted Garden is ideal for those planning to garden in an urban setting, offering brackets and baskets for vertical growing, and a variety of container-growing options.

"A lot of the items that we're going to sell are tailored toward people that have smaller spaces to work with," she says.

The shop is also doing vermiculture composting on-site, and will be teaching customers how to compost with worms at home, with bins and worms for sale.  

“It’s the most nutrient rich plant fertilizer that you can get, but it’s completely natural,” Day says.

For those not quite ready for the at-home system, Enchanted Garden is offering two and five pound bags of worm castings for sale.

The Enchanted Garden opens Friday, May 4th, 73 13th Street, 412-235-7680.

Writer:  Andrew Moore
Source:  Jackie Day
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