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$2 million investment in dek hockey rinks by Highmark, Penguins Foundation and City

The first of four new dek hockey rinks coming to Pittsburgh is now open in Banksville, thanks to a partnership between The Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation, Highmark, and the City of Pittsburgh. 

Known as Project Power Play, the organizations are hoping the $2 million investment in new facilities will help build interest in the sport among young athletes.  Highmark is contributing $1.5 million to the initiative, and the Penguins Foundation $600,000.

“You don’t see this in many cities where you have a sports organization and a non-profit all pitching in,” says mayoral spokesperson Joanna Doven. 

According to Doven, the new parks are “literally free,” coming at no cost to taxpayers.  The City completed all in-house work, and Public Works crews did all of the manual construction.

Dek hockey, also known as street hockey, can be played wearing shoes or inline skates.  According to Doven, the surface of these new rinks is a high-quality, semi-permeable surface that prevents flooding and reduces slickness. 

As part of the initiative, a total of 12 dek hockey rinks are planned for the region, with eight more to be built throughout Allegheny County.

A second city rink will be built in Hazelwood, at the corner of Irvine and Berkwick streets in Lewis Park, and will be managed by the local YMCA.  A third rink is planned for Brookline, and a fourth for an as-yet undetermined location in the East End.

There is currently one other dek rink in Pittsburgh, at Marmaduke Park in Brighton Heights.

Writer:  Andrew Moore
Source:  Joanna Doven
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