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Wellspring Worldwide, a newer company to the Pittsburgh area, was founded in 2003 by Dr. Robert Lowe and his wife Sandi, who relocated from the Bay area to work at Carnegie Mellon. 

Lowe, a CMU Professor, and Sandi, former manager for Monster.com and marketing manager at CMU,, have grown their company into a global leader in managing technology commercialization.

Wellspring recently acquired Flintbox Innovation Network, which had been based in Canada.

"It is the largest website for marketing and transacting on university-developed technologies, with over 350 research organizations worldwide posting technologies," says Lowe.

Wellspring's unique service and technology has allowed them to work with various fortune 50 companies. Examples of clients include universities, hospitals and government agencies and even NASA. Their main headquarters is in Pittsburgh of course, but they also boast another office in Cambridge, UK and are looking forward to a future office in Chicago in 2011.

Currently employing 25 people, they have posted an impressive revenue growth of 186% over the past two years and are looking to build on it in the coming quarter.

The future for Wellspring holds the launch of two joint ventures in health care technologies along with continued operation of their start-up incubator of next-gen web software, health IT and robotics companies.

Writer: Ben Davis

Source: Robert Lowe, Wellspring Worldwide

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