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SMaSH on the South Side is riding the mobile technology tidal wave by helping businesses jump on board new media marketing.

By creating scalable promotions and sales and customer service applications, SMaSh is offering businesses powerful new ways to leverage the explosive popularity of the medium. Co-founders Eric Boduch and Chanakya Damarla, Carnegie Mellon grads, started the firm in 2007 and its been growing ever since. This year SMaSh will double in size from six to 12-14 full-time employees. Revenues are going through the roof this year, quadruple what the company hit in 2009, says Boduch.

"We have a really strong commercial product that handles everything from small companies wanting to get into a text messaging campaign to larger companies with more robust applications," says Boduch. "We see ourselves as a software provider, a mobile platform company, and we will continue to expand on that."

That shouldn't be hard. Marketing analysts are saying that SMS will be among the fastest growing mobile marketing tactics in the coming year. Nearly 90% of all Americans are mobile subscribers and a growing number of older users are joining the younger generation in embracing text messaging. It's a whole new frontier.

SMaSH also plans to expand its platform beyond text messaging to include social media and network-based applications. A $4 million venture capital round is in the works for the fourth quarter. Additional plans call for a partnership in India and a possible foray into Europe. The company has an office in San Francisco in addition to its headquarters here.

"In terms of industry trends, mobile will be a big spending area for brands next year," says Boduch. "We keep growing and that's a good thing."

Writer: Deb Smit
Source: Eric Boduch, SMaSh

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