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Giving sufferers the comfort they need to get a good night's rest is the secret to the success behind Circadiance, the Pittsburgh sleep apnea mask company that recently expanded to Export, Pa.

To say sales are brisk is an understatement. The company is going gangbusters, having recently launched SleepWeaver in Europe and Canada this summer.

Circadiance is the first and only company with a cloth answer to the growing problem of obstructive sleep apnea, which affects more than 40 million people in this country alone. Sales are growing a cool 500 percent a year, says David Groll, founder, CEO and inventor of the patent-pending mask that provides the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) that sufferers need to breathe through the night.

Wearing a mask is often a hurdle for many who are unable to drift into a deep sleep without their throat collapsing, causing them to wake repeatedly through the night without ever achieving deep sleep. Circadiance offers a superior alternative to the hard, uncomfortable masks, and color options too. The masks come in several colors including pink, blue, camouflage and leopard skin.

The company recently moved to new 5,000 foot office space in Export and is on a hiring spree, hoping to grow from nine to 30 in the coming year.

"We have solved the biggest problem in the sleep apnea market," explains Groll, formerly of Respironics. "Patients are non-compliant with sleep apnea therapy due to the discomfort associated with a a hard plastic mask. By providing a softer, more comfort solution, patients are able to remain more compliant."

It's a market that's not going away, he adds. Circadiance hopes to take a share of the $1 billion a year market for CPAP masks. Circadiance sells through home care companies and markets to sleep labs.

"Pittsburgh is an excellent place for us to be located," he adds. "This is really a center for sleep medicine."

Writer: Deb Smit

Source: David Groll, Circadiance

1060 Corporate Lane
Export, PA 15632-8905
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